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Here at The Idle Man we can keep you well dressed and looking smart for a fraction of the price with these G.H. Bass & Co. discount vouchers. The iconic footwear brand are ones to invest in, so from G.H. Bass voucher codes to free shipping codes, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit you and at a price you can afford. If you can't see anything you like, or G.H. Bass voucher codes are quite good enough, don't worry. We're still getting ready for our huge Black Friday sale, where we'll be offering up to 70% off some of your favourite brands.


G.H. Bass Voucher Code
G.H. Bass Voucher Code



G.H. Bass Sale
G.H. Bass Sale



G.H. Bass Student Discount
G.H. Bass Student Discount



Free Shipping G.H. Bass Coupon Code
Free Shipping G.H. Bass Coupon Code



G.H. Bass Discount Code
G.H. Bass Discount Code



G.H. Bass Black Friday Sale
G.H. Bass Black Friday Sale


G.H. Bass Sale

Everyone loves to save some money on their favourite brands and with G.H. Bass shoes it's no different. If you can get hold of some G.H. Bass coupons or G.H Bass vouchers and save a little cash on your next purchase, why wouldn't you want to invest in some of the most classic shoes around? So don't get too caught up in the ins and outs of the G.H. Bass coupon codes - take a look at what's on offer already and see if anything takes your fancy.

With our range of G.H. Bass coupon codes available, they're so many ways you can get your hands on these timeless, yet contemporary designs without having to hand over wads of cash. Search the sale and see what pieces are right for you, making sure to make full use of those G.H. Bass voucher codes as well.


g.h. bass co. mens palm springs loafers and burgundy leather jacket
G.H. Bass men's shoes are a smart staple


How to Use G.H. Bass Discount Codes

If you're always on the lookout for sales or G.H. Bass discount vouchers, why not sign up to our newsletter? We'll send you news of our latest offers, as well as editorial stories and G.H Bass discount coupons, and on top of that you'll receive 10% off of your first order if you sign up now.

If you're not sure how to use these G.H Bass discount coupons, we'll have a quick run over the basics so you know exactly how to benefit from them. First of all, if you like what you see in store and spend over £50, we'll help you out by waving away the shipping prices, ensuring you're not caught out with annoying extra costs.

If you've got a friend who likes G.H. Bass coupon codes as much as you, then why not introduced them to the store with our Refer a Friend scheme? All you need to do is share your discount code on social media or invite your friends via email and they'll be sent £5 worth of credit. Then, as an added perk, if they spend over £30 in their first shop you’ll get £5 credit to spend as well.

Still living the student life? Then you're able to benefit from 10% off certain brands and products all year round, and up to 20% off at certain times of the year with our Student Discount scheme. All you need is a valid NUS or student card and you can really take advantage of the G.H. Bass sale. While you wait around for these schemes to go live you can always keep an eye out for some G.H. Bass coupons or G.H. Bass vouchers to shave a little something off the price.

how to use the idle man discount codes

A Brief History of G.H. Bass & Co.

We're not just here to talk about the G.H. Bass voucher codes. It's always worth getting to know a little about a brand's history first, and this is a deep history we're delving into. It began in 1876 when George Henry Bass named the shoemaking company after himself. It was originally called E.P. Packard & Co, George worked there until he became the owner and renamed the business. The loafer itself wasn't created until a few years later when he created a spin on a Norwegian fisherman essential.

When your shoes have been worn by the biggest superstar of all time you know you're on to something. Michael Jackson was wearing a pair of G.H. Bass shoes at major points in his career. You can catch him rocking a pair of penny loafers in the Thriller music video, with white socks of course. They also worked with him to create a patent for a pair of specially designed loafers, to support the famous MJ 'lean' whilst on tour.


g.h.bass co. mens black leather loafers and brown trousers
A discount on these shoes is sure to get you excited




G.H. Bass make some of the most well-loved loafers on the planet. It's clear how simple it is to throw together an outfit with a pair of G.H. Bass loafers, so why wouldn't you want to do this for a fraction of the price. There's a reason why after so many years they're still the ultimate in men's footwear. When you see the biggest music star in the world moonwalking across a stage with a pair of G.H Bass loafers on, you can't deny that they're very influential.


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