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If you're looking for high-quality clothes but without the steep price tag, you've come to the right place. With our list of discount codes, vouchers, and exclusive coupons, you can get your hands on pieces from some of the best brands around. With everything from student discounts to free shipping over £50, they're so many ways to get money off your purchases and enjoy some high-end clothing for an affordable price.


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Fred Perry Sale

Fred Perry is one of those heritage brands that will simply never go out of style, so when it comes to getting your hands on some bargains, you really shouldn't turn down the chance. Fred Perry is renowned for its short-sleeved polo shirts and long-sleeved polo shirts and these have become essentials in every man's wardrobe.

Take full advantage of the Fred Perry sale by getting yourself some of these long-lasting, flattering pieces for a price you can't argue with. With certain fits selling for up to half price, Fred Perry discount codes, Fred Perry voucher codes and Fred Perry coupon codes, there's no reason not to grab yourself something.


fred perry mens style
An iconic Fred Perry polo shirt 
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How to Use Fred Perry Discount Codes

We've got a whole range of brands on sale right now, but if you want to get a few reminders on when the best offers are happening, why not sign up to our newsletter? You won't just get sale news either, but our latest editorial stories, the occasional discount code and 10% off your first order from The Idle Man. Not too shabby if we do say so ourselves.

Whether you think these codes are great or just okay, it's probably good if we quickly run through how you can use them. We'll start with the most simple one. Spend £50 at The Idle Man and you'll get free shipping on your order. It'll save you a few quid and when you're parting with £50, a bit of money off is always helpful.

If you want to get you and a friend a bit of credit or some Fred Perry voucher codes for the store then why not take advantage of our Refer a Friend scheme? It’s really easy, and doesn't require filling in a whole load of forms or giving us your phone number. All you need to do is share your discount code on social media or invite your friend via email, and they'll be send £5 worth of credit to use in store. Then, if they spend £30 or more in their first shop you'll get £5 worth of credit sent to you as well, on top of using Fred Perry discount codes, voucher codes, coupon codes and voucher codes.

Last is our Student Discount scheme. As long as you've got a valid student or NUS card you can get 10% off certain brands and products all year round, and up to 20% off at certain times of the year. So take advantage of these discount codes and grab a quality pair of Fred Perry today.

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A Brief History Of Fred Perry

Fred Perry almost epitomises British fashion. It has been going since 1952 and its history is an interesting one, as far as fashion labels go. Fred Perry was a pro tennis player who was at one time world number one and won three Wimbledon titles. In fact, prior to Andy Murray's win, Perry was the last British man to win the men's singles championship at Wimbledon.

In the 40s, Perry was approached by Tibby Wegner who was an Austrian footballer. Wegner had invented an anti-perspirant device to be worn around the wrist and wanted Perry's advice. This soon became the world's first sweatband. Wegner also wanted to create a sports shirt, in a similar style to those of Lacoste. Launched at Wimbledon in 1952, the Fred Perry tennis shirt saw immediate success. The shirt was originally white, but by the mid 50s coloured versions had been released. These were adopted by the Mod culture in the 60s.


fred perry gabriel kane lewis
Gabriel Kane Lewis for Fred Perry




Fred Perry's logo harkens back to its heritage and original foundations. The laurel wreath is the original symbol for Wimbledon and has been the symbol for Fred Perry since the 50s. The brand was owned by Fred Perry's family, notably his son David, until it was bought by Hit Union, a Japanese company, in 1995. The Perry family continue to work with Hit Union to keep the original Fred Perry heritage alive. The brand has seen campaigns with the likes of Andy Murray, who at one time was sponsored by Fred Perry.


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