Feeling Revived After (a) Daily Dose (of) Juice

Feeling Revived After (a) Daily Dose (of) Juice

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There are many remedies for a quick fix to lift you up and out of your slumbering state including a variety of food and juice cleanses.

Whilst studying at university, George Hughs-Davies turned to juices when he was feeling a little under the weather or to help with the consequences of the night before. After discovering his love for juices and the realization that his focus was improved, energy levels were up and his unearthing of the ultimate hangover cure, he was officially hooked. 

As soon as Davies finished at university he took the time to explore more around the business of juicing. Jetting off to New York and Los Angeles he embarked on a juice pilgrimage to absorb all the research and experiences he could until he knew all the benefits around juice cleansing. It wasn't long after his American juice journey that he began, Daily Dose Juice.

Whilst discovering the wonderous benefits from juicing, he also learnt more about societies waste problems. In fact, the average household in the UK produces more than a tonne of waste each year. Trying to crack up a plan to help the environment and his customers, Davies decided to only use the organically farmed fruit and vegetables that doesn't make it to the shop's shelf, otherwise known as 'wonky veg'. By targeting his organic fruits and vegetables at the unfortunately misshapen produce that would otherwise end up thrown away, it's now bottled up in a tasty cleanse. Not only does the 'wonky veg' make good juice, but once pressed and squeezed of their goodness, all the pulp that is removed from the juice goes into a separate batch and sent off to their partner farm. The farm can make good use of the unwanted pulp by feeding it to their livestock. Thus, every sip you take of a Daily Dose, you can enjoy guilt-free.  

Given the stamp of approval by the almighty Soil Association, Daily Dose can be found in a variety of retailers including Fortnum & Mason. The rapidly growing company even opened up its own cafe on Berkeley Street in Mayfair, London. Becoming the first-ever organic cold-pressed juice cafe in the heart of Mayfair, they offer a variety of their very own organic juices and vegan snacks. 

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Knowing that juice cleansing is a great way to rejuvenate yourself, we had to give them a try. As a first time juicer, it's pretty simple to do, Daily Dose even helps you out by giving you some guidelines on how and when to drink your juices. Depending on the juice cleanse you're trying it can be for a day or up to a three day cleanse, so they offer plenty of advice to help stop you from going off track. We tried their popular 'Colour Cleanse', as in the title it came with nine vibrant and uniquely sounding juices. Recommended for 'juice virgins', the starter pack is a great way to see how cleansing works for you. So for one whole day, we tried the liquid journey. Overall, we were shocked to see how well we all felt during the day and even better the next day!

Throughout the day we stuck to the recommended drinking times to avoid missing any juice. Usually, after lunch, there's always that five or ten minutes of that bloated feeling from scoffing your lunch down after thinking about it all morning. However, with the juice cleanse there wasn't any noticeable cravings or any heavy and full feelings at all, just feelings of comfort and an unexpected amount of energy. The unusual sounding flavour combinations are actually quite a treat too, most enjoyable was the 'Strawb', made up of strawberry, apple, lemon, basil. Most unique was the 'Black Lemonade' cleansing water made using lemon, lime, agave, water and activated coconut charcoal.

If you'd like to give juice cleansing ago then check out Daily Dose to start your cleanse tomorrow.

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