How to Dye Your Hair Blonde for Men

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde for Men
We can all get bored with our style and sometimes a new hair colour is just what's needed to change up your look. If you're thinking about going blonde, we've put together a few tips and techniques to make sure you get it right and avoid some classic pitfalls. Read more Men’s Hair features and check out our store.   usefulproducts What would I look like with blonde hair? It's a question everyone's asked themselves at some point. There are even apps out there that can show you without having to even look at a bottle of hair dye. As good as they may be, nothing will fully prepare you for the real thing. Making the switch to blonde will mean you can not only try so many different styles, it shows people you're brave when it comes to looking good. If you're interested, take a look at our guide on how to dye your hair blonde for men.

Guys with Blonde Hair

Dark haired men can get pretty jealous of how good blonde guys look in lighter clothes and sometimes it seems like there's nothing they can't pull off. Guys with blonde hair look great in softer shades so once you've made the switch to blonde, you should give light coloured jackets a go or even finally try out electric blue now you have the hair to wear it right! Take a look at some of these lighter haired men to get an idea of how you can change up your style with a new look.
Lucky Blue Smith platinum blonde hair
Model Lucky Blue Smith with platinum blonde hair

Mens Blonde Hair Dye

Men dying their hair blonde has always been a little controversial, but we say do what you feel, but always get all the right infomation so you don't kill your hair! Choosing which dye works best for you doesn't have to be difficult. We'd recommend speaking to a professional colourist first. They've got enough experience to tell you how to avoid the usual mistakes that people make. It's good to have an idea of the colour you'd like, and there are a few different shades of blonde to consider, or at least get familiar with some of the phrases. toppicks  

Mens Hair Dye Shades:

  • Platinum - A huge statement, this silver look takes hours to create and then more to maintain.
  • Ash blonde - Less intense than platinum and works really well with lighter skin tones. You can blend this into darker roots that makes a vivid colour.
  • Copper blonde - Definitely a calmer option, might be worth trying out a copper or strawberry blonde and then moving up to something brighter. It's like an auburn mixed with a dark blonde that can compliment darker skin tones.

Platinum Blonde Hair for Men

Platinum blonde is the ultimate when it comes to lighter hairstyles. When thinking about platinum hair it's so important to wear it with confidence. There's no point getting a platinum haircut and then wasting it by hiding it under a hat. We can't stress this enough - you really shouldn't try this from home the first time, unless you're in a professional colourist's house. It's very risky for your hair if you get this wrong, and the uninitiated can end up causing a lot of damage to their skin or leave their hair very brittle and dry.

How to Maintain Platinum Blonde Hair

Once you've taken the dive into platinum blonde hair don't forget it's going to be very delicate and needs a lot of attention. To keep the colour you'll have to invest in a purple toning shampoo, we've put together a few tips for using purple toning shampoo.
  • When buying shampoo it should be a very dark purple and thick, if it's clear or thin then don't even bother - here's where your colourist can help you find the best one, they'll have loads of recommendations.
  • Trial how often you need to apply the shampoo, most people will need to use it every time they shampoo at first and then move onto every other wash.
  • If you just have blonde on the ends of your hair or highlights, you only need to apply to the areas that are dyed. It'll save you some money as you won't have to shampoo your whole head and waste the purple toner.
  • Depending on how tired your hair looks it can be worth leaving it to sit for 5 minutes and work it deep into your hair.
  • Always follow the instructions on the bottle or ask your colourist if you're worried you're not using it right.

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde for Guys

If you're just thinking about adding some blonde highlights to your hair or popping on a light colour then it's not an issue to just do it yourself. For more drastic options like platinum blonde or permanent dyes you should always work with a colourist to make sure you do it right.
Luke Evans with platinum blonde hair
Luke Evans with platinum blonde hair
There are a few things to consider when dying men's hair blonde, the most important is how long you want it to last. Here's a look at some of the options available.
  • Temporary - This will usually only last 6-12 washes and if your hair is already quite dark then it's probably not the best choice for you. This is a great option for anyone who's thinking about going blonde but isn't totally sure what they want. If you hate it you don't have to wait very long for it to disappear. If you love it you can move on to longer lasting products.
  • Semi-permanent - These will usually last about 2 or 3 times longer than temporary dyes, around 28 weeks. It's best to give these a go once you're a bit more confident with the colour you want. If you're looking to cover up some greys with blonde then this is a great option for you.
  • Permanent - Make sure you know what colour you want first and trial some of the more temporary colours first. You're going to want to have a good chat with your colourist about this as permanent options shouldn't be taken lightly. Get to know your colourist well as you'll be heading back every 4-6 weeks to re-dye as your roots come through.
If you're a bit nervous about going all out you can have a trial run with some highlights, there's less commitment and if you do regret it you can always dye over them. Don't be afraid to give it a go though, it's only some highlights and they'll disappear in a few weeks.

Some Tips on Highlighting your Hair from Home:

  • Buy a highlighting kit for the length of your hair.
  • Choose a colour that's no more than two shades lighter than your hair.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Apply dye and wash out thoroughly.

How to Bleach Your Hair Blonde

Bleaching hair can leave it more fragile than before, it's important that when you first apply the dye it should be on untouched hair. If you're not sure it's best to wait a month since you've applied any other kind of dye in it. Some guys aren't used to conditioning their hair but it's so important before applying any bleach. It's best to look out for a deep conditioner, if you've not bleached your hair before, you probably haven't got one hanging around, but they're not too expensive and you can find them in pretty much every supermarket or pharmacist. Apply a deep conditioner a couple of days before you plan on bleaching, it'll give your hair some protection and stop it from ending up brittle. If you can leave it a few days without washing your hair before bleaching it'll be the best for your hair health. Whatever you do, do not wash your hair the day or night before your hair's getting bleached. The last thing you want is to end up with an irritated scalp. He's some bleach blonde men and some products to give you a little inspiration. The latest news from style, life, arts, and culture and everything in between. Whether it's a new brand arriving into our style, our latest drops and editorials. You will never miss a beat with us.

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