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If you're on the lookout for quality clothes that don't cost a fortune then you've come to the right place. We've got some of the best Dickies discount vouchers on a range of high-end brands, including of course, the stylish workwear brand Dickies, to keep you well dressed for a fraction of the price. From Dickies voucher codes to free shipping codes, you're guaranteed to find something to suit you and for a price you can afford.


Dickies Voucher Code
Dickies Voucher Code 



Dickies Sale
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Dickies Student Discount
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Dickies Discount Code
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Dickies Black Friday Sale
Dickies Black Friday sale


If you're not seeing anything you love just yet, or you haven't found the perfect Dickies discount voucher or Dickies voucher codes for you, don't worry, you can hang around for our massive Black Friday sale, where you can get the best of Dickies workwear clothes at a fraction of their original price. There'll also always be the occasional Dickies discount coupons popping up every now and again so you might even get your hands on a discount when you least expect it.

Dickies Sale

Dickies isn't a new brand that's trying to chase after the recent trends, but one that's managed to evolve and grow over the years, slowly becoming a staple part of the workwear scene and menswear as a whole. Dickies trousers are one of those versatile pieces that, despite coming in various shapes and fits, can be worked into so many different looks and outfits, while the brand's outerwear is something that will last you through even the toughest winters. And you can feel warm in the knowledge that you managed to pick up a piece using a Dickies discount voucher, what's not to love about that?

With its rich history, use of quality materials and staple designs, Dickies is a brand that combines modern and traditional features to create clothes that are timeless and effortlessly stylish. With our Dickies voucher codes you can get your hands on Dickies' classic, versatile pieces without having to pay the full price and, considering how long these clothes will last, that's a pretty good deal.


man wearing dickies street style
A man wearing Dickies


How to Use Dickies Discount Codes

We like our sales and Dickies discount coupons, but sometimes they can be hard to keep track of, especially if you're interested in a particular brand. In order to make sure you're one of the first to know about any new discounts, why not sign up to our newsletter. On top of new sale info, you'll receive the latest editorial stories and discount coupons, as well as 10% off of your first order from The Idle Man.

These are great and all, but Dickies discount codes and Dickies discount coupons can be confusing at times, especially when you're confronted with a long list of them. Don't worry though, we'll run through them and help you work out which ones are best for you. First of all, if you spend over £50 at The Idle Man you'll receive free shipping on your order, so even if you've splashed out and bought more than you usually would, you don't have to pay that extra for packing and shipping.

Next, if you've got a friend who likes a good discount, and they're a fan of the shop then why not try our Refer a Friend scheme. All you need to do is share your discount code on social media or invite your friend via email, and you can send them £5 worth of credit to spend in store. You'll then be sent £5 worth of credit when they spend £30 or more in their first shop.

Lastly, if you're a student and need to save those pennies, we've got your back. You can get up to 10% off certain brands and products all year round, and on top of that get up to 20% off at certain times of the year with Student Discount. Just make sure you've got a valid NUS or student card and you can get your hands on some quality Dickies clothing at a nice little discount.

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A Brief History of Dickies

It's not all about Dickies discount codes - let's take a look at their history. Dickies began its life in the home of workwear, America, or more specifically the small town of Bryan, Texas. It began as a vehicle and harness company, and by 1918 had grown to become well respected for its durable clothing. When the Second World War began it was quickly drafted by the American government to design and create army uniforms, proving that their quality wasn't just word of mouth.


mens street style dickies
A man wearing Dickies chinos




By the time the 1950s swung around, Dickies decided to expand its range and began to sell to the European market and the Middle East. Since then, Dickies' popularity hasn't wavered, and it has continued to grow as a strong, reliable workwear brand that's perfect for both manual labour and the high street. Now days it's known for its iconic Dickies 874 and Dickies 873 workpants, which are ideal for both casual and smarter looks. With Dickies vouchers or Dickies coupons, they're the perfect way to look good and not have to spend more than you'd like.


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