How to Nail that College/University Style

How to Nail that College/University Style

There’s no need to wait until everyone is wearing it to know what the college style is. With this handy little guide, you can stand out from the crowd effortlessly. 

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What to Wear in College: College Style

The thing about college is that there’s loads of stuff going on all of the time, which is one of the greatest aspects about it. With so many different events that you could get invited for, you need a versatile and stylish wardrobe to get you into these places.You want to be able to look cool whatever you end up doing that morning or evening, and having a collection of good threads is essential to maintaining that college guy style you want to represent.
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How to Dress in College

We are going to talk you through step-by-step how to get the college look. From top to bottom, and all things grooming. Knowing how to dress well in college won't be a massive task after you've followed this guide.

Men's College Clothing

T-Shirts for College

Whilst it can be tempting to see your way through college and university armed solely with T-shirts emblazoned with mildly funny one-liners, it will only see you so far. Have one for the occasion you feel it's needed, sure, but don't make it a go-to.

If you're gonna go ahead and do that anyway, at least make sure it fits well. The key to style overall is making sure that something fits like you picked that piece of clothing just for you, and it looks better on you than anyone else.

When a top doesn't fit, the chances are that you'll immediately look at whoever is wearing it and think to yourself: has he even noticed? Does he not know that the top doesn't fit? Should I let him know?

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You can if you want, be a style hero. This is about you, though, and getting you to look fresh. Show this article to your friends too, and help them get in the best nick so you aren't showing them all up. Men's college clothing might have an overall style, but that doesn't mean you can't make it your own.

By addressing how your clothes fit you, you're instantly displaying to everyone in the vicinity that you've got this fashion thing on point and that you know all about cool college clothes for men. You'll need a few good t-shirts in your draw at a minimum, and having some fresh white tees for any occasion will always go down well. They won't cost a fortune either, so stock up.


  If you get easily confused by the myriad of different descriptions levelled at a pair of jeans, fear not. That's why we're here. When you try them on in the fitting room or order them online, check out the dimensions and see what's what. If you have thighs to make an Olympic cyclist jealous, by all means, flaunt them. However, make sure you're wearing the right jeans for your shape. There are plenty of choices to ponder over. How to dress for college 101 is to get some nice jeans.
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shopthelook Oh, and dark jeans are a must. When you need to look smart casual or you're turning up for an interview, wear dark jeans. There's undoubtedly a time and place for lighter jeans, but for a classic and defined college style, dark jeans always win, so make sure you have a fresh pair for when it's needed most. You can also pair them with almost any trainers or shoes. Just not black shoes! To save you some future horror, jeans and nice black shoes are almost always a total no-no. Any other colour will see you right. Jeans aren’t super expensive unless you fork out for some serious designer labels. Therefore it is always good advice to have more than one or two pairs lying about. It’ll mean they smell far less in a month.

Corduroy Pant and Chinos

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shopthelook Maybe you’re bored of just jeans, allergic to denim or need some additional threads. Good idea. Corduroy pants are definitely in right now, and like jeans, they have that benefit of still looking good a year later, the kind of clothes you want to wear in and get a feel for. Chinos are also a college favourite and a beige pair scream graduate. When wearing chino's opt for a shirt and finish with a merino jumper to for the ultimate college look.

Summer Shorts

As it starts to get warmer, many want to throw the jeans at the back of the pile and embrace some vitamin D loving on those pasty calves. With good reason too, you've been hiding them for months, but this doesn't mean any old pair of shorts will suffice. There's an underlying misconception that you can't look good in shirts. We confidently reject that notion. You can get your favourite types of legwear in shorts form, rather than rolling them up so much you start to lose circulation. Because the college style men thing is in means denim and chino short cuts are popular right now, so you can keep the style you like without reaching unbearable temperatures downstairs. Having some good style all year round is key. You don't wanna be caught out by a sudden change in temperature!

Best Shoes for College Guys


You could easily find a million pairs of garish, or super out-there, near future looking trainers. That doesn't mean you should buy them all. You need shoes, and trainers, that fit in with your look. If you have opted for some refined, easy-going, non-clashy clothes, you may not get away with a pair of fluorescent orange trainers. If you're after something fresh to compliment your spanking new denim, white trainers can stand out a mile, and as long as you keep them stain free it will always remain a good look. If you know yourself too well to be convinced about keeping your white trainers white, other single colour sneakers can still help you attain the vibe without stressing every time you see a puddle. For the same reason that you'll need at least more than one pair of jeans, it is essential to have more than one nice pair of trainers. One day they'll get wet and smelly if you keep on traversing in them all day, every day. By having a selection on rotation, you can minimise excessive wear and tear and keep the good look lasting for longer. toppicks

Brogues and Desert Boots

Trainers are not for every occasion. Sometimes you have to look more than a little smart and make plans to up your game. When the time comes, and you know this is more of a formal thing, you'll be glad you made the investment. You can also wear them with some fresh looking jeans whenever you feel like pioneering the smart casual approach. toppicks Don't get the cheapest pair of shoes, either. They'll fall apart as soon as you've bought them, and if you can deem it worth paying for within your budget, finding shoes that have been hand stitched rather than the fabric superglued to the sole will always work out better in the long run. Always shop for a bargain, but cheap for the sake of cheap always looks that way. toppicks In terms of choosing shoes for college guys, brogues are always in fashion. Smart, but with a little fair, these are the way to look formal as anything whilst adding that little bit of style into the mix. With smart trousers or dark chinos, then black shoes are absolutely fine. If you're looking to mix some smart shoes in with jeans, desert boots could be the option you are after.


Let's carry on with this casual theme, and get this boxed off before we move on to some smarter gear. Alongside some good tees, let's remember that it isn't sunny all the time and you won't spend all year standing out at barbeques. Therefore some jumpers and hoodies are also a wardrobe staple, and you can sort what to wear in college all year round.

The bigger the item, the more potential to get something ludicrously oversized, the kind of thing that will carry you off in the wind during a big storm. The general advice is to get your sweatshirts in your exact size, but for a more casual loungewear feel having it one size up is not a bad thing. Besides, next time you get someone over to stay you can offer them your giant cosy hoodie, and you'll seem like a gentleman. Instant bonus.

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