Top 8 Shirts for Men

Top 8 Shirts for Men
Having survived generations, the shirt is still one of the most formal pieces of attire. Here are the Idle Man's eight best men's shirts so you can look slick this coming, and every season on every occasion. Check out more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store. Did you know that 'The Shirt' is one of the oldest garments we have? It's crazy to think that men once wore shirts as a piece of underwear, however, luckily these days are long behind us. This classic piece has followed us throughout time and continues to be one of our favourite pieces today. Whether you're heading out to a casual or formal event, the shirt is always a great choice. It comes in various styles and can be matched up effortlessly with your shorts, jeans, trousers and obviously suits. In celebration of the shirt, we have compiled a style guide featuring the eight best shirts for men (and we know that you won't be able to resist them, either!). Read on and take a look at the top shirts for men.

1. The Dress Shirt

This style of shirt is one of the best shirt styles and is perfect for formal occasions. They tend to come in various colours and prints, so there's always something to suit your mood. The best part about this style is that the collar is quite wide, so you have the option to wear a tie or leave it at home. These are the best quality shirts so they may cost you a few extra pennies. Match up the dress shirt with your favourite trousers and you'll be ready for any formal event. Remember, if the event is really formal, it's best to stick with a classic plain white shirt.
oliver cheshire mens style
Oliver Cheshire Wearing A Shirt

2. The Casual Shirt

Of course, it's all in the name - casual. Casual shirts are perfect for those summer nights, tasty BBQ's and moments when you simply want to relax in style. The casual shirt is always a great option if you want to show off your personality with a bit of pattern and colour but don't want to go overboard.  Pair your casual shirt up with some denim shorts and trainers - the perfect choice for those evenings on the beach. If it's cold, go crazy with a short sleeves shirt, or layer up a long sleeved patterned shirt for the colder days/ months. Why not wear a plain T-shirt underneath an unbuttoned patterned shirt for a laid-back look?
Patterned Shirt

3. The Denim Shirt

When updating your look, it's always good to pick up a few pieces of denim. Why not try a denim shirt? It's a classic piece which will always make you feel stylish, no matter what age you are! You can match denim with anything and you don't have to be as strict with the colours you choose either. The old 'double denim' is slowly creeping back in, so why not catch up by stocking up on your denim shirt and jeans?  We recommend you get a denim shirt that's not too flimsy but not too thick to be a denim jacket - go for an overshirt sort of texture. Double denim is a tough look to pull off, so if you're going to go for it make sure that your jacket is a different tone, preferably a darker one.
mens denim jacket style
Double denim


4. The Camouflage Shirt

At some point in our lives, we have all wished we were in the army of sorts, dressed head to toe in camouflage print. A camouflage shirt is a perfect way to live this fantasy out without getting all the weird looks from adults (assuming you won't be hiding in the bushes). This style has been around for as long as we can remember and is most popular on a trouser. The camouflage shirt can be easily put together with a pair of light or dark chinos in either stone or black. Put this with a pair of loafers or boots to finish the look. We would strongly advise going against the double camouflage look. Double denim is quite enough...
portuguese flannel camo style shirt mens style
Camouflage Printed Shirt


5. The Hawaiian Shirt

Want to express your style and personality? Well, I think that the Hawaiian shirt might be just what you need! This style is extremely versatile and due to its vibrant nature, it might be good to match it with colours that aren't too in your face. How about a lighter pair of jeans? Maybe add some flip flops if you're going to wear it on holiday (classic Brit abroad). When summer is the horizon, this will be the perfect outfit to take away with you and you'll look tastier than a ham and pineapple pizza! This is a great shirt to wear when you're not taking yourself too seriously. Just be wary of when you shouldn't wear a bright Hawaiian shirt. First dates and formal events are classic examples of when you should keep it tucked away in your wardrobe.
green short sleeve cuban hawaiian shirt
Styling A Hawaiian Shirt

6. The Checked Shirt

We've always been a fan of this style because it does wonders for your body. These little-checked squares help your frame to appear much slimmer as they cause an illusion for the onlooker - isn't it amazing what clothes can do for you? This look is a favourite for many and can be easily matched up with your jeans or trousers. Feeling cold? Grab a jacket or hoodie to help keep the breeze off your slick body. Wear your checked shirt on its own or layer it unbuttoned over a plain T-shirt. The checked shirt comes in many colours with the staples being grey, red and green. Go for a pair of black jeans to let the checked shirt absorb all the outfit glory.
adam gallagher mens street style check shirt
Adam Gallagher Wears A Blue Checked Shirt


7. The Floral Shirt

Before you completely reject this shirt, hear me out. We know that floral might not be your first choice, but it's becoming more popular as time goes by. Much like the checked shirt, it also creates an illusion and evens out your frame. Plus, it's about time that we see something different, so update your look with the floral shirt. You don't have to go all flower power, so pairing it up with a simple pair of dark black jeans or shorts will be just enough. Finish off the look with some black boots or some clean white trainers depending on the occasion.
Floral Shirt
PHOTO CREDIT: Natasha Freeman

8. The Plain Shirt

This is the most classic look of the bunch and is the best for all occasions - it has to be the plain shirt, and for all those fussy souls, this is your ultimate match. The plain shirt is timeless; it's suitable for every occasion (no wonder we love it so much) and can be paired up with anything. You only need to think about your colour choices and make sure you pick the right ones for your frame. Plus, you have the choice of opting for a long-sleeve or a short-sleeve. So, meet your new friend - The Oxford Shirt. The Oxford shirt is a must-have in everys man's wardrobe. Go for the staple colours of white, pink and light blue.
oxford shirt men look
White Oxford Shirt
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