Best Leather Strap Watches

Best Leather Strap Watches
Leather strap watches are an accessory that every man should own. If you're looking for something that can work with a whole range of outfits, then a leather watch is perfect. We're here to help you choose the best men's leather strap watches, and show you how to wear them.  Read more Men’s Style Guide features. shopthelook

Best Leather Watches

There's a lot of leather band watches in the world, which means that finding a good one can be a little tricky. You don't want to spend a crazy amount on a watch, but setting yourself a decent budget can help you sift out the cheap makes, and focus on the better quality models. The best wristwatches will have a soft and strong leather that will age well. Although you can get away with it on things like T-shirts and sunglasses, there's really no point in going for a cheap design when it comes to a watch, bad quality really shines through.
how to wear a leather strap watch
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Black Leather Watch Strap

When it comes to men's leather watches black is one of those colours that's hard to mess up. It goes with pretty much anything, it suits everyone, and it can easily be dressed up and down. It makes sense that a black leather watch is one of the most versatile and popular designs. Because you can blend black with a range of colours, if you're unsure of what design to get, or you don't want to get anything too out there, then a simple black leather watch with a gold or silver face is going to serve you well for years. You can go for a simple, elegant design or a bolder, more visually striking look, but whatever you choose you'll have something versatile that can work with a range of outfits and styles. toppicks

Daniel Wellington Black Leather Watch

A silver watch face matched with a black leather strap is the key combination for a sophisticated, cool finish that's perfect for formal wear or minimalistic looks. If black, white and grey are the main colours in your wardrobe, and you tend to stay away from warmer tone colours, then a silver or black watch will go perfectly with your look, giving you a clean, smooth finish. If you want some nice watches then Daniel Wellington is a great brand. Their minimalist face, elegant round shape and simple leather strap give off a timeless and elegant feel. The white face helps to accentuate the clean, light look, and create a subtle contrast between the silver hands and finishes. With a protective mineral glass window lens, it's only delicate in appearance and can take a few knocks without getting a crack or scratch. Match it with a striking modern look to create a unique mesh of the old and new, or work it into a formal suit and tie outfit to fit in with the sophisticated, traditional style.
daniel wellington on wrist mens street style

Larsson & Jennings Black Leather Watch

Men's watches need to work with your overall look, and if you tend to wear a mix of warm tone colours, and like your denim jackets, beige chinos or lighter, summery style clothes, then a silver watch might create too much of a jarring contrast with your style. This doesn't mean you have to give up on elegance and the versatile black leather watch strap, though, and by simply changing the facing to a gold tone rather than a silver one can instantly create a warmer look.
black larsson and jennings watch mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: Larsson and Jennings

Shore Projects Black Leather Watch

The best men's wristwatches often have a minimalist style that is simple and stylish. You may think that gold is gaudy and lacks a certain kind of sophistication. However, balancing the high shine with a sturdy leather strap can produce a great looking style that isn't too loud. The black and gold watch from Shore Projects provides a clean, encompassing gold face that frames a sleek black interior. Rather than create a fully matching colour scheme, the watch features silver hands and detailing, providing a subtle contrast against the gold and black.
shore projects black watch mens street style
PHOTO CREDIT: Shore Project
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