The 8 Best Blazers For Autumn/Winter

The 8 Best Blazers For Autumn/Winter
No matter how classic blazers are, they're constantly being adapted to fit seasonal trends especially when it comes to hitting those autumnal hues. Keep on top of this season's trends with our quick and easy style guide on the best men's blazers for autumn/winter 16.  Read more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store. shopthelook

Men's Blazers

If you haven't quite yet found the perfect blazer for you, this season might be the lucky time of the year to find your tailored soulmate. Before we take a closer look at the key blazers for this autumn/winter, let's take a moment to discuss one of the most important things when it comes to blazers: fit. You need to make sure that you're wearing your true size. The last thing you want is giving off the impression that you've borrowed somebody else's jacket.

Casual Blazers for Men

Despite men's blazers traditionally falling in the formal wear category, they're also great for more casual looks. Throwing a blazer over a simple outfit is an easy way to give it a boost, and patterned cotton blazers in gingham, for example, are a great way to feature autumnal colour palettes in a subtle way.

Men's Cotton Blazer

When it comes to casual wearability you can't get much better than a simple cotton blazer. Sure, you might think that with a relatively lightweight fabric such as cotton you'll be freezing, however, the lightness of cotton can be extremely useful when it comes to autumn layering. A thin cotton blazer will allow you to wear a shirt and a jumper underneath it and you'll still have enough room to wear your favourite overcoat on top of it. This combination is a guarantee for comfortable warmth without feeling stuffy and restrictive in your movements.
how to wear a blazer men


Classic Men's Blazers

With lower temperatures fast approaching, you need to be able to rely on seasonal fabrics such as wool and tweed to keep you warm. Introducing one of these blazers to your wardrobe will always be a safe investment as they're a timeless and versatile piece.

Tweed Blazer

Tweed is a classic fabric for autumn/winter, and with its woven structure, durable finish, and clean look it's become a staple outdoor piece for smarter occasions. Whether you prefer the plain or checked variation of tweed jackets, you simply can't pass on this staple seasonal piece. If you want to create a traditional look nothing is quite as classic as a check green blazer, and whether you pair it with jeans or chinos they'll always be a formal edge to the outfit. However, if you're not a massive fan of this classic variation of the tweed blazer, you can't go wrong with a simple yet unique grey tweed blazer. It's a more versatile colour, but the texture of the tweed gives the blazer some extra dimension that keeps it from looking too simplistic. Pair it up with a standard suit and tie outfit, or go for a casual look with something less conventional, such as a denim shirt and chinos.
tweed blazer look men


Velvet Blazer

Velvet blazers definitely aren't for everyone, and with its use in tapestry and carpets, it's similarity to velour, and the years of people really getting it really wrong, it's not surprising that some have a firm aversion to this fabric. However, a velvet blazer, when styled appropriately, can give a unique edge to a formal look. A navy or burgundy blazer is a classic look and can bring a dash of colour to a simple outfit. Don't feel you need to go for a full velvet suit, and a blazer paired with some jeans or dark chinos can help to tone down the look.
velvet blazer for men

Wool Blazer

When it comes to choosing the right men's wool blazer, all you need to worry about is the colour and pattern you want to go for. Wool is a fantastic natural fabric that has so many great features that your only concern will be aesthetics. If you don't already own one, a wool blazer is a great asset to your autumn/winter wardrobe. Thanks to the natural structure of the fabric, wool clothing is both breathable while and able to retain heat. This means you're able to stay warm while not sweating up a storm like you might in other materials like polyester and nylon. If you're still not convinced of wool's advantages, on top of everything else this fabric doesn't cause any allergies, prevents the growth of bacteria, and is effortlessly practical. Anything from a blue blazer to a classic black one will work in both smart and smart casual looks.
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Smart Jackets

Herringbone Jackets

Herringbone jackets feature a V-shaped weaving pattern and can be usually found in wool and tweed variations. Yet another British classic, a Herringbone jacket provides a striking addition to various outfits thanks to their distinctive pattern. A classic grey blazer in a Herringbone weave will give off a cool, sophisticated look, and you can either keep things simple with a blazer and jeans or try out a full Herringbone suit for a more intense finish.

How to Style Your Blazer this Autumn/Winter

Casual Look

Long gone are the days of blazers being limited to formal occasions. In the early days of autumn, blazers are a great alternative to a coat or more heavy-duty jackets such as parkas. Wearing your blazer of choice with a roll neck jumper or a check shirt along with your favourite pair of denim will give you a relaxed, autumnal look, and can be finished off with a pair of trainers to keep things casual.
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For the perfect semi-formal look, you can always rely on a slim-fit blazer and jeans combination. Simple changes to a casual outfit can help to smarten it up, and something as basic as some darker jeans and a more versatile coloured blazer can really alter the overall look.


This is arguably the natural styling habitat for blazers. That said, choosing the right blazer for a formal event doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wear match your blazer and suit trousers. Of course, doing that will create that element of continuity that will allow your outfit to look sleek and polished. You simply can't go wrong with a slim fit tuxedo or a classic navy blazer on men. Top everything off with a pair of formal shoes such as brogues and you'll be ready to go.
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