Best Bags for Autumn/Winter 17

Best Bags for Autumn/Winter 17
As it's coming back into the winter period, it's sadly time to start thinking about work and university. You'll need to start thinking about what you'll need when preparing for going back to work after your summer holidays. We think a good bag is the best place to start. Read more Men's Style Guide features and check out our Store. shopthelook Whether it's a backpack, satchel, or holdall, every man needs a new bag to take to work. As the autumn and winter seasons approach us, it's time to start wearing knitwear jumpers and winter coats ready for the colder weather. However, no winter outfit would be complete without a sturdy bag to carry your laptop and books in. Here's a list of the best men's work bags, men's shoulder bags and all sorts of other bags for this autumn and winter season.

The Idle Man Bags

Naturally, we are going to start with the best - I'm not being biased, I swear. The Idle Man offer a pretty wide variety of bags that are fit for all sorts of uses. Whether you're looking for a new bag to take to the office, a gym bag to replace your reeking old one or even a school bag to show off to your friends, Idle have you covered. We have selected three classic black bags, the most appropriate colour for work or school, and the colour that will go with just about everything. When you use a black bag, you don't have to spend any unnecessary time trying to match the colour with the rest of your outfit, which works great for us. toppicks First up, we have the Idle Man Rolltop Backpack, which at £25 is an absolute must-have. The roll top feature means the contents of your bag are even more secure than normal. This bag ticks all of the style boxes as well as the practical boxes. It has an inside padded laptop pouch that will fit laptops up to 15", keeping them protected throughout the daily commutes. Chose this one if you're after a great men's laptop bag. This is a great weekender bag for men. The Idle Man Vintage men's Overnight Bag costing £30 is your go-to bag for when you have a lot to carry. Whether you're going for a weekend away, have a little more than usual to pack for work, or even taking your sports kit to school, this men's travel bag is for you. Last but not least, we have The Idle Man Camo Barrel Bag in black. This bag is great for taking your gym gear with you. The camo print makes it a little more interesting, however, it's still a subtle pattern meaning it won't be unsuitable to take to work or school.


Black bags are so easy to style, as the colour will pretty much go with everything. For a monochrome look, wear your bag with a plain white T-shirt and black jeans. Finish the look with a leather jacket for those James Dean vibes.

Herschel Bags

Let's bring in a touch of colour with our Herschel bag selection. Herschel are all about quality, and rightly so, too! When you invest money in a bag you want that guarantee that it won't break on you, especially if you carry laptops and important documents in it. Herschel uses their signature poly fabric lining in all of their bags, to prevent just this. toppicks The grey Retreat Backpack is a fully functioning, high-quality bag that will serve you many purposes over many years. It has a padded laptop sleeve inside, meaning it's a great pick for work. Another strong feature is the shoulder straps which are contoured, making this an easy and comfortable backpack to carry. Grey makes a nice alternative to black. It's easy to style as it will compliment with most other colours. The Herschel Novel men's Duffle Bag is one of our favourites: it's one of the best shoulder bags for men. The grid pattern is minimal and will add that little extra lift to a suit. This bag costs £84, but you are guaranteed quality. It's a small investment for a bag that you'll get a lot of use out of, and that will last you a long time. This bag doubles up as a perfect gym bag. No longer do you have to put your reeking trainers in with the rest of your gym gear, as this bag has a fitted section where you can keep your shoes separately. This is also great if you are, unfortunately, one of those switch-my-loafers-for-horrendous-trainers commuting types. Khaki has made a popular comeback this summer, with so many men buying into the colour. This Herschel Backpack in Khaki is a much simpler design to the Retreat Backpack, ridding of the extra exterior straps. This backpack is, however jazzed up with water-resistant tarpaulin and seatbelt webbing straps.
shopthelook A khaki bag will go hand in hand with a khaki piece of clothing. Try to keep it just one other item, as you don't want to be covered head to toe in the same tone. When wearing khaki, keep the rest of the outfit muted down. Black and khaki are friends, and that's probably how it should stay.

Eastpak Bags

Eastpak are so sure of the quality of their bags that they have put a 30-year warrantee tag on all of their products. So, if you're a little bit hasty about investing into an Eastpak bag, we hope this reassures you. Their bags are known for serving the traveller. With their simple designs and high-quality materials, they are the obvious go-to choice for explorers. They create a huge range of products from backpacks to suitcases, so we have picked out our favourites ready for your travels. toppicks   Have you ever struggled with your luggage? Sometimes we want a bag that is big enough to carry everything we need for our travels, but not too big to carry. This Authentic Travel Tranverz Duffle Bag is our saviour. This holdall will pack in everything you need for a get away with its lockable zippers and wheels. The best part is that it looks great and is on trend at the same time. If you need a practical and stylish bag that's got a lot of extra room to carry your documents and laptop in for work, then the Eastpak Padded Pak'r Backpack is a perfect choice. This Eastpak backpack has professionalism written all over it. The slick black design is minimal enough to match any suit outfit, whilst the leather look of the bag is still retaining an element of style. Also, the leather detailing adds an extra element, stopping the bag from becoming too dull. I don't know about you, but when it comes to my holiday I get so so bored of dusting off the same suitcase year after year. What's more, it's quite embarrassing seeing my old, battered and outdated suitcase make its way around the conveyer belt. Well, if this sounds like you as well, fret not. Eastpak creates suitcases that do all the jobs it's meant to do whilst being modern and stylish. You're welcome.
A Holdall Is Perfect For Travel
PHOTO CREDIT: Vascular Wear
shopthelook An all-black look is perfect for travelling. Keep it cosy and warm with a long sleeved T-shirt and some jeans (we all know how cold planes can get). Traveling is also one of the few occasions that it's acceptable to wear joggers out and about, so take this chance and go for it.

Rains Bags

If you're looking for a practical everyday backpack with a classic twist, then a Rains bag is a perfect place to start. Not only do Rains have us covered on the practical front, they also design pretty cool bags, meaning we're covered on style, too. England is known for its shitty weather, and fortunately, Rains have thought of this. Rains make their bags from waterproof materials so, any valuable items like your laptop or books will stay bone dry. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that the rest of you will. toppicks

Rains make great bags, and their Weekend Bag is no exception. As their name suggests, they have us covered for when it rains. This bag is constructed out of water resistant materials and even has a waterproof zip. As well as having handles, this bag has a shoulder strap which is adjustable for comfort. This bag really is a no brainer for a weekend getaway. We are firm believers that every man should own at least one utility bag, so if you haven't got one yet, let this be yours. The Rains Utility Bag comes in both black and grey and is ideal for long travels or weekends away. It has a lot of storage space for a bag with two extra zip sections on the front for good measures. The Rains Messenger Bag is a classic, and must-have for any style conscious man. This bag has plenty of space on the inside, which you can seal with the front flap and double hooks. The hook closure feature gives the bag a stylish, neat and contemporary look. It almost has hints of a military aesthetic, just to make people know how professional you really are. There is also a laptop sleeve within the lining of the bag, making it perfect for taking to work.
Styling A Messenger Bag
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