Top 3 Timeless Asian Men's Hairstyles

Top 3 Timeless Asian Men's Hairstyles
We take a look at some of the best Korean men's hairstyles from the legendary Seoul Men's Fashion Week, focusing on the trends that we hope stay on, and the best ways to re-create the look.  Read more Men’s Hair features.

Top Three Asian Men's Hairstyles

#1: The Fringe Parting

It's a look that's gathered a nice bit of controversy around it, with some people despising the wide set bangs and others appreciating the statement look. It seems to be a look that's popular amongst the men of Seoul Fashion Week, with certain gents taking the look to extremes and opting for a short, above the ears, length. With many Korean men wanting to change up the look of the straight black hair, it's interesting to see a haircut that embraces these features. Curly, frizzy fringe cuts tend to look a bit of a mess, so it's important to have thick but straight hair to pull it off. This cut really works with a range of styles, from classic suits to more casual sportswear, providing a boyish yet refined finish that's great for making a statement.
Seoul Fashion week curtain fringe men
Korean Men Hairstyles
PHOTO CREDIT: Alex Finch | Pakkee
If you're thinking of trying out this hairstyle and you've got naturally wavy or curly hair, get yourself a pair of straighteners. Curtain fringes need to be at least somewhat controlled, and so a bit of heat to iron out the curls might be necessary. If you're worried about maintaining the style throughout the day, add a bit of hairspray or hair oil to keep your hair in place. inspiration

#2: Coloured Hair

While some Asian men go for hairstyles that embrace the plain, sleek look, others go for more modern, anime-esque styles that steer away from the simplistic vibe. The time for natural hair tones is over and the men of Seoul Fashion Week displayed their vivid hair colours proudly. Pastel shades were accentuated against striking black clothes, and bright bleached hair was gelled up high, providing a striking look that challenged the simple masculine styles of the west. Seoul Fashion Week Men Hair coloured bleached hair For those that embraced the monochrome look but still wanted to make an impact, silver seemed a popular choice. The eye-catching hair was paired with striking, all black outfits that helped to accentuate the icy tone. Hair was kept fairly short, letting the main focus stay with the striking colour and allowing more freedom with styling. Whether you go for a smoothed down or spiked up style, the main thing to focus on with dyed hair is maintaining a strong colour and keeping your hair in good condition. Using a hair mask once a week is advisable, especially if you wash your hair every day, and a sulphate free shampoo will help keep your colour strong for longer. inspiration

How to Colour Your Hair

If you're thinking about dyeing your hair there are a few things to keep in mind before you take the plunge. Dark hair needs to be bleached before it can take a bright colour otherwise you'll just be left with a faint sheen, and this will inevitably strip your hair of moisture. If you've got the cash, go to a hair professional to get your hair bleached and let them deal with the hair care. If you want to do it yourself, follow these tips to avoid total hair breakage.
  1. Apply hair masks regularly for a few weeks before you bleach your hair to help strengthen it.
  2. Mix a well-reviewed bleach, such as L’Oréal Quick Blue Powder, with a 30-volume developer. If you're worried about breakage, go for a lower developer.
  3. After washing out the bleach apply a toner to turn the brassy orange to a clean platinum.
  4. Moisturise! Your hair is going to be fragile, so avoid a lot of harsh products such as hairspray and wax, and treat it to hair masks, hair oils and moisturising shampoos.

#3: Blunt Fringe

Another style that was popular amongst the men of Seoul Fashion Week was the straight edged blunt fringe, either styled dead straight or volumised to give the hair a fluffy, textured look. The blunt fringe has been popular in various areas, but with the strong, straight textured of a lot of Asian hair, the men are able to create sharp, linear cuts that really show off the blunt fringe to its fullest.  If you're working with hair that isn't naturally smooth, then a cut like this is going to require a decent amount of product to keep it in place. A smoothing serum or oil can be added to towel-dried hair to help add in moisture, helping to avoid frizz and coarseness, and ensuring the fringe stays clean cut.
Seoul Fashion Week Men Hair blunt fringe look
PHOTO CREDIT: Alex Finch | Pakkee
While there's the appeal of a perfectly straight and sleek fringe, it's not vital to work with smooth hair when pulling off a blunt fringe, and many Fashion Week guys embraced the textured look, playing around with the contrasts of straight cuts and messy hair. While there's a slight mushroom top look going on here, it's a nice twist on the classic cut and is perfect for those who prefer a less rigid look. A bit of backcombing can add volume to a straight cut, and a good burst of hairspray ensures the style stays in place. You can also use a little wax or pomade to bring some texture and hold into your hair - just remember to use a clarifying shampoo every once in a while to avoid product build up. inspiration

The Best Asian Men's Hairstyles

  • The fringe parting shows off the strong and sleek features of a lot of Asian men's hair and can be a striking, yet refined hairstyle.
  • Brightly coloured hair creates a vibrant style that makes even most neutral of outfits stand out.
  • A blunt fringe can work with both straight hair to create a linear look, or curly hair to create an eye-catching contrast.
Seoul Fashion Week Men Hair blunt fringe
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