Benedict Cumberbatch’s Top 8 Looks

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Top 8 Looks
As far as British acting goes, Benedict Cumberbatch has it nailed. But not only is the star one of the best acting talents around, he also has that key British style to match.  Read more Men’s Style Guide features and check out our Store.

Benedict Cumberbatch's Style

The quirkiness, the drama and of course, the fashion, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of Britain's best dressed actors. Not just limiting himself to TV and film, Cumberbatch has worked on stage and in radio. The all-rounder is known for his smart, quick thinking roles, playing Alan Turing in The Imitation Game and putting his mark on the household name, Sherlock Holmes. From attending tennis matches to the Oscars, the Londoner knows how to dress. We've taken a look at his effortless style both on and off screen.

The Imitation Game

If heritage could be described with a single person, Benedict Cumberbatch would definitely be in the running. He may be in character, but the smart preppy looks he donned in The Imitation Game are ones that suit him down to a tee. Playing Alan Turing, the guy that invented the Computer age, had him cracking codes and portraying a highly gifted character. Combining his own personal quirkiness with the characters, his looks are ones to keep in the Benedict style archive.
Playing Alan Turing in The Imitation Game

Sherlock Holmes

The famous detective has that signature look that every once in a while you feel you want to pull off. Benedict has made the character a part of him and the style that Sherlock has is very similar to the actor himself. The Sherlock Holmes coat is a big part of the character, so as the winter rolls around, this is actually a look you can modernise and wear with confidence. The consulting detective may have eyeballs in his microwave but his wardrobe it's filled with fitted suits, a big scarf collection and that very famous overcoat. The colour palettes are always kept neutral, so mixing navy, grey and black is acceptable so we'll be taking some tips from his stylist any day.
Benedict Cumberbatch as the famous Sherlock Holmes

Doctor Strange

Wearing a made to measure Giorgio Armani tuxedo for the Berlin premiere of Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch looked dapper. Adding a touch of texture to your outfit is always good idea and if you end up doing it right, you'll have hit all the right style trends. Velvet is a good place to start, so take some tips from the actor and just use the tactile fabric for just the jacket. Paired with smart black shoes and grey trousers pulls the look together and creates a red carpet ready outfit. If you're a fan of the Doctor Strange beard style then trimming and looking after your facial hair is a necessity. Moisturising, oiling and conditioning the hair will allow you to cut your beard into that much loved goatee. 
Benedict Cumberbatch at the Doctor Strange screening

CBE Ready

When it comes to meeting the Queen, what do you wear? Formal, too formal or not formal enough? This is a tricky hack to crack, but Benedict has got it spot on. So when receiving his CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) for his services to the performing arts and to charity, the talented actor went for something subtle yet smart. A bespoke black tail coat worn with grey trousers and a white shirt and tie had Benedict looking well groomed and stylish. Finishing off his look with some suede dress shoes meant that the outfit had all the subtle detail it needed without looking like he'd thought too much into it.
Dressing for the Queen's never been so easy


Being quite a big fan of the tennis, Cumberbatch knows how to dress for the occasion. Going for a sports luxe kind of look, the casual tie and blue-grey suit are the perfect combination when it comes to those sunny tennis days. A suit that's not your standard black, blue or grey is hard to pull off, but in the brighter months, switching it up for something that's a bit more pastel based is a good way to be able to wear tailoring all year round. Without over doing it or looking too casual, we are big fans of Benedict Cumberbatch's Wimbledon attire.
Benedict looks smart as he watches the tennis

Casual Wear

When the stars not on the red carpet or in front of the camera, his casual wear is always well put together. The Benedict Cumberbatch off duty look has him in glasses, an over shirt and some jeans. It may sound like your standard casual attire, but with a lot of well thought about layering, this look is better than just for popping to the shops. As always he keeps the colours neutral with navys and blues working well to compliment each other. Benedict Cumberbatch's hat collection is a big part of his casual wardrobe. From his own flat caps to Sherlock's deerstalker hat, he has a look that means hats always work well.
Benedict Cumberbatch's casual wear comes as effortlessly as his formal wear

Oscars Attire

With tailoring, Cumberbatch's selection has always been simple, formal and stylish. Usually going for the all black suit and white shirt, his looks are always red carpet appropriate. Not going too over the top and trend led means the actor looks effortlessly groomed no matter what premiere he's attending. When it comes to his hair, for the Oscars he will always keep it short and neat. And when it comes to photos, he's a big fan of making it all a bit fun, as he successfully photobombed U2 at the 2014 Oscars.
Benedict Cumberbatch's Oscar attire
PHOTO CREDIT: Huffington Post

Whiter Than White

On occasion, Benedict switches up his trusty black suit style for something that'll get him some style points. A white shirt and matching tuxedo does the job very well, especially when partnered next to his wife, Sophie Hunter. The 2015 Academy Awards saw the pair dressed ready for the evening, where The Imitation Game actor was nominated for his very first Oscar for best actor. Making a statement in fashion as well as his role in the film has made him a big part of British history.
Switching up his black suit for something a bit whiter


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