Autumn / Winter Essentials That Never Go out of Style

Autumn / Winter Essentials That Never Go out of Style
While it's always a little tempting to pick up the latest 'must have' piece each Autumn / Winter, but it's always a good idea to have a few staple pieces in your wardrobe that you can fall back on. With that in mind, check out our list of key AW basics that'll never let you down. Read more Men’s Style Guide features and check out our Store. shopthelook

Whether it's the prevailing 'hot colour' or a unique take on the (otherwise) reliable duffle coat, you can bet that each AW season will carry along its own multitude of unnecessary, trend-led pieces. When looking for what to wear this winter, here at The Idle Man we're always going to lead you down the path of timeless classics as opposed to the hottest new fad. 

Men's Autumn / Winter Fashion

Men's autumn fashion trend choices are far wider and more diverse than they are during the summer; while a particularly hot summer can be a quite limited on styles men - the winter offers the chance to layer up and don hundreds of different combinations of clothing. Expectedly, fashion brands are aware of this and will throw everything they can, in every colourway they can, in hopes of getting us parting with our hard earned cash. This can result in a little oversaturation in the market, which results in confusion and ensuing uninformed, instantly regrettable purchases. To counteract this, we've put together a list of timeless winter and autumn clothing essentials that'll see you through, at least for the next few winters - if not longer. Simply put, the best way to approach things when heading out to grab yourself some winter clothing is to think warm pieces, classic silhouettes in staple autumnal colours; black, grey, brown maroon and the likes. When it comes to outerwear, you should definitely be looking for at least one piece that's quite neutral that'll work with everything else in your wardrobe. Planning your colours this way will make not only daily dressing easy, but will keep your wardrobe timeless, and prevent it from becoming age restrained.
luka sabbat street style winter
Layering in the winter allows for your staple pieces to be mixed and matched


Timeless Autumn / Winter Style Essentials

Now that we've given you a general idea of what you should be looking for when shopping for men's fall fashion essentials, let's take a look at some of them in a bit more detail. We've proposed a list containing some of the key pieces every man should have in his wardrobe. So don't be afraid to invest in these as they will hopefully last you more than one season.

Men's Coats And Jackets

When looking at British weather in winter, it's always wise to invest in a couple of decent warm, rainproof jackets. Considering the cold, you'll likely be wearing one of these options throughout the season so suitability, flexibility, and durability are three fundamental characteristics to consider.
winter adidas tracksuit street style men
Your jacket is the main staple to each and every look

Men's Military Jacket

Straightforward, practical and masculine by nature, a military jacket can take on various different forms. With their definition purely dependent on the items military origins, nearly 50% of coats and jackets available these days have some form of utilitarian history. The options below can all be considered military by definition with a raincoat, bomber, and parka being among the top three most popular of utilitarian decent. With the Rains green raincoat being quite light, it's perfect as an autumn cover up, shielding you from the rain without bulking up or adding excessive heat - easily making it one of the most versatile raincoats for men. The iconic Alpha Industries bomber jacket production first started as a military contract during wartimes in the US. With the rising trend for military members to wear their jacket outside of war times, however, their popularity soon soared. A super practical number, the Alpha Industries bomber is another option perfect for a sunny winter's day or a cool autumn evening. Finally, the Parka. Starting out as a military issue back in the 1950s, it quickly made its way to the commercial market due to its practicality and warmth. The perfect winter jacket; a simple parka can easily be mixed and matched with anything else you'll be wearing underneath, not to mention the typical addition of a fur-lined hood - perfect for keeping the cool breeze away.
green military coat street style
Military styles are practical jackets that come back around each year

Men's Overcoats

The perfect completion to a suit or smart-casual getup, overcoats offer a sharp alternative to the typically casual warm winter coat. While they're perfect to add a finishing flourish to a suit, they can equally be paired with a laid-back pair of jeans and T-shirt to elevate the look - making it a little more 'office ready'. If there's one thing you can take away from our breakdown of A/W coats, it's to get yourself a camel overcoat. Farah's camel overcoat is the perfect addition to any wardrobe, but regardless of whether your keen on their take or not, a camel overcoat alone is a must-have in any man's winter wardrobe. A textured grey overcoat is another perfect autumnal addition to the stylish man's wardrobe. Perfect for those with a penchant for 'all-black-everything', a grey overcoat will add a little texture and contrast to an otherwise monochromatic look. Not to mention, a grey overcoat will easily mix well with most other pieces in your wardrobe - win win! Last but not least, a black overcoat is another timeless, classic number suited to everyman's taste. The perfect completion to an otherwise suited and booted look, the sharp lines and contemporary nature of a black overcoat make it one of the most enduring staples in a man's wardrobe.
overcoat street style mens
Get your hands on a camel overcoat and you'll be winter ready


Men's Shearling Jacket

While shearling jackets have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity over the past couple of seasons, the more contemporary options have a timeless quality to them that'll easily transcend the years, never mind the seasons. You can experiment and show your creative flare with these jackets as there are so many different options available to choose from. The black denim shearling option from Levi's isn't technically a shearling jacket, but the shearling collar more than justifies its place on this list. Mixing denim and shearling is an age-old combination, with a shearling collar adding the perfect flourish to an otherwise workwear centric piece. On top of this, a shearling collar will add a little extra warmth as denim isn't exactly known for keeping out the cold. For those of you looking to really invest in a warm winter jacket, the quintessential brown shearling jacket from Schott is your perfect purchase. We'll admit, it's a little pricier than the other options offered on this list - but when it comes to a jacket there should be no hesitation in investing, especially a quality lifetime piece such as this. With a multitude of options for mixing and matching, it's a wardrobe essential for the man with a sartorial flair.
Kanye West in Shearling Jacket
Kanye West goes all out with his jacket style

Men's Sweaters

A good quality sweater is a must-have investment for the man's winter wardrobe. Available in a plethora of different colours, shapes, styles and materials - you can really tailor them to the look you're going for. Or a versatile, practical and timeless piece; the good quality black hoodie is a great casual alternative to the slightly smarter crew neck sweater. Throw on with a pair of jeans, trainers, and a parka to keep snug when it's cold, or add a boucle jacket for a more contemporary look. A light grey sweater is another timeless building block in a man's winter capsule wardrobe. Easily dressed up or down, it only takes a quick glance through the decades to realise that a classic light grey sweater is not going anywhere. Mix with some joggers if you're off to the gym, or throw on some dark jeans and boots for a quick look perfect for the pub. Another firm favourite among men in the autumn / winter months is the knitted sweater. In fact, we'd recommend picking up a couple of different types of knitwear sweaters as they can vary greatly depending on material composition, colour, type of knit, etc. Just as easily incorporated into a casual outfit as worn over a shirt for something a little smarter - if you haven't got yours yet, get shopping!
sweater streetstyle men
A sweater is a versatile piece for your autumn / winter wardrobe


Men's Dark Jeans

The perfect winter wearers for your bottom half, jeans are an enduring staple among man's winter style that show no chance of retiring from men's fashion any time in the near future. While we all tend to go for lighter, acid washed alternatives in the summer - no autumnal wardrobe is complete without a pair of dark jeans. A pair of black jeans, like the ones from The Idle Man , are hands-down the most versatile piece of clothing for the modern man. Adaptable to just about any scenario, you can dress a pair of these up with a smart shirt and blazer or simply mix with some trainers, a T-shirt and a bomber jacket for a simple, casual look. Dark wash indigo jeans are another firm favourite in the wardrobe of western men. Mixing perfectly with a white T-shirt, you can pretty much build an effortless outfit from there. Dark grey jeans are another denim alternative that, dare we say it, can often look better than it's black counterpart. Although you could argue they're (along with the other jeans) more of a year-round staple as opposed to solely for Autumn / Winter - the warmth and durability provided is ideal for colder weather, making them a must have in a man's A/W wardrobe.
mens street style chris brown black cap black t-shirt black jeans white sk8 hi vans
Black jeans can be worn both day and night
PHOTO CREDIT: Upscale Hype


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