An Italian Love Affair With Camillo Benso

An Italian Love Affair With Camillo Benso

On the Milan Dining Scene Camillo Benso sits within high regard of fineness, along with a higher price point alongside. However, with their Mayfair restaurant opening in the Autumn of 2018 it seems the Italian powerhouse is now more accessible, even being in Mayfair.

With the sheer popularity of Italian food within the UK being so dominant, it's only when you eat genuine fine Italian food that you're reminded of the flavoursome food that made it so universally popular.

This is the exact case when it comes to Camillo Benso in Mayfair. Enter the restaurant you're met a specifically Italian ideal of decor, with subtle embellishments of bling throughout a muted Autumnal palette. The interiors themselves are full of richness, and the food thankfully matches.

What makes Camillo Benso so great in the heart of central London is their ability to provide price-points for almost everyones budget. You can break the bank if you want to, but if you don't want to, it won't be an issue. For example, the chewiness of the pasta and the coarse richness of the cacio-pepe has people coming back for more. Same for the aubergine parmigiana starter, where you can imagine the taste being almost the same in Milan.

To add a cherry to the cake, the staff and hosts are incredibly helpful to everyone who walks through their doors providing up to date knowledge on fine Italian wines that will work best with your food choices, and the same for desert also (the literal cherry on the cake).

All in all, for a real taste of Italian food if you've got the holiday blues then Camillo Benso is one to tick all the boxes.

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