An Eclectic London Hideaway: Village East

An Eclectic London Hideaway: Village East

Tucked away down London's newly deemed 'cool' neighbourhood Bermondsey, amongst the White Cube Gallery and independent cafes, lies the warehouse-esque restaurant Village East.

A little more than a stone's throw away from London Bridge resides Village East - an restaurant that resonates somewhat of a chill ambience - from their food to their staff's approach. It makes sense that Village East has chosen the neighbourhood of Bermondsey to call it's home as it reflects the laidback vibe from the people and shops that make up the effortlessly cool high street. 

Arriving a little late on a Saturday night, it's always a blessing to be welcomed into a restaurant that makes you feel comfortable and that's exactly what Village East aims to achieve. Whether you're there for brunch, drinks, or a date - Village East easily adjusts to the people that make up the space. Inspired by old warehouses, and particularly old post offices, the visuals of Village East is a perfect combination of stylistically designed with a touch of warmth of home.

Their European menu boasts an array of eclectic dishes from Confit Turkey Leg and Cheeseburger as well as Steamed Mussels and Fish n Chips, options for everyones tastes with little surprises in between. An impressive wine list awaits and delicious cocktails are served up in the bar which you can watch yourself if you're sat in the front of the venue. Towards the back of the venue you can watch the food being cooked up yourself from the open kitchen. 

The menu is served la carte for lunch and dinner service which encourages guests to share both starters and mains - reinforcing the laidback friendly approach their becoming known for.  Village East's menus consist solely of fresh well sourced produce incorporating classic cooking inspired by unique ingredients.

All in all, if you're in Bermondsey checking out the local independent scene or visiting an exhibition at The White Cube, then we can't of a better way to end your day then having drinks and food at Village East.

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