A Shoreditch Safe Haven: Hotel Nobu

A Shoreditch Safe Haven: Hotel Nobu

Hidden away from the hustle of the Shoreditch streets where there's a vast array of stores, restaurants, and bars lies the quietly dominant Hotel Nobu on Willow Street. Emerging with its contemporary and almost brutalist design amongst the rustic and historic buildings surrounding brings with it a sense of calm.

Hotel Nobu, a star amongst other hotels, has a unique tale of almost bizarre beginnings like an old Hollywood tale, however, it's reputation is almost thanks to the clientele that trust all the Nobu's around the world for their Japanese cuisine and serenity within it's walls.

What makes Hotel Nobu Shoreditch humble amongst its competitors are its price points fitting guests and restaurant visitors. We decided to pop in one Saturday morning for a breakfast to get a taste of the much hyped Nobu cuisine that wouldn't break the bank. Thankfully, it's coming up to Pancake Tuesday so we already knew they were going to be on our list.

Walking into Hotel Nobu you're immediately greeted with the arousal of your senses - a distinct yet subtle smell awakens the nose in the early mornings along with the juxtaposition of black grated wood amongst the sleek and minimal cement staircase leading down into the precise and sleek restaurant. What's so interesting about Hotel Nobu is that even at a first glance upon their breakfast menu is that you can see subtle and unique combinations within your usual breakfast dishes. These extra efforts can arouse excitement in the simple pleasure of expecting the unknown almost in something as common as having breakfast. 

We opted to have some options from the 'Nobu's Favourites' sections on The Breakfast Menu. Starting with the 'Matsuhisa Benedict'- a japanese take on the classic Eggs Benedict. The sleek yet creamy dishes arrived with crispy tofu, spinach, dorset crab, shiso bearnaise, salmon egg. The Japanese elements merged with the traditional english breakfast worked in harmony and left us excited for the rest to come. Second up was 'Shiro Tamago' - a Japanese take on the omelette. The surprisingly light dished had a filling of oil-drenched spinach along with tofu feta - again allowing surprising bursts of a taste you wouldn't normally experience with an omelette. To finish up, almost as a dessert and because it is Pancake Tuesday coming up, we had to try the 'Soba Pancakes'.

Arriving in a fluffy stack of three along with maple syrup, blueberry yuzu compote, miso pecan butter, crème chantilly in separate dishes it really was the perfect end to a great start of the day. To our surprise, we didn't walk away filling full to the brim but rather contently fill with excitement of an unique way to start your day as breakfast can be so routine like - something to give you energy rather than to enjoy the taste of.

Thanks to the Hotel Nobu Shoreditch for their warmness and their breakfast to remember.


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