The 10 Best Outdoor Watches

The 10 Best Outdoor Watches
Whether you'll be wading your way through the jungle, scaling a snow-topped mountain or taking on the world as a Bond-style international man of mystery, you're going to need some wrist wear fit for the occasion. In this guide, we've picked out the 10 best outdoor watches suitable for a real life action man. Read more Men's Style Guide features. wearwith

What to Consider

Before deciding which adventure watch is your favourite, you'll need to think about some important factors which could affect your decision:
  • Where are you going to use it? There is pretty much an outdoor watch to suit every kind of outdoor adventure, so write a list of your must-have features to narrow down your search. Does it need to be waterproof for your deep sea dive with the sharks in the Indian Ocean? Or maybe you will need somewhere to store your running stats whilst you train for your next marathon? Being specific can make your decision easier.
  • How much do you have to spend? A well-equipped watch isn't going to be cheap if you want it to do its job properly. There is, however, a huge range when it comes to timepieces, so pick your top budget and only look within those confines.
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Best For Water Sports

For fun in the sea, being waterproof is a fairly obvious requirement of your watch. However, that's not the only feature that will make your life easier. Swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling or surfing can all benefit from the special features these watches have to offer. Here are some of the best sport watches.

Garmin Quatix 3

garmin quatix 3 marine gps smart watch outdoor men
Garmin Quatix 3 Marine Watch
wearwith This watch was built for the high seas. Waterproof up to 100m and complete with connection to nautical data, the Quatix 3 is every aquaman's delight. It can feed in data from a boat's NMEA 2000 system for speed, temperature, depth, wind data and more, and it even tells sailors how deep to roll out their anchor when stopping at sea. Battery life is good; it lasts up to 20 hours in GPS mode, 50 in UltraTrac, and six weeks as a normal watch. This is the first offering of a few that we have from Garmin; this one being very similar to the Fenix 3 that we see further down the list yet with extra features for the sea, including easy to use marine apps that provide local tide data, sail racing data, and fish catch counter and competition timer. The design commands attention both on land and in the sea, and the buttons not only looks great, but they're functional too. The strap is made from silicone, but it also comes with a leather one for on land when you're after a slightly smarter look for your smartwatch.

Nixon Ultratide

nixon ultratide outdoor watch yellow grey green
Nixon Ultratide Watch
wearwith With 10 times more data than any other traditional tide watch, this is the world's first real-time surf conditions watch, and an evolution in technology means that tide, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed, and water and air temperatures are all there. Design wise, it comes in 10 different colours, so there's something for everyone. There's a high-resolution display, and the whale belly pattern on the back side of the band helps channel the water off your wrist. If you fancy yourself as a surfer dude, then you can't be without this watch.

Best For Working Out

Tracking one's progress is key for any serious runner or gym bunny, and this category of watch is by far the most saturated. Great tools such as GPS and heart rate monitors help you to get the best out of a workout, and lightweight, vivid aesthetics make these watches perfect for a high energy, active lifestyle.

Timex Classic Digital Silvertone Bracelet Watch

Timex is a guarantee of high quality, unique designs and functionality. Thanks to this watch's digital face and timers you'll be able to effortlessly and stylishly keep track of your workout.
Timex - Watch


Withings Activité Pop

withings activite pop workout watch outdoor
Withings Activité Pop Watch
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