Your Own Fitness Plan

Your Own Fitness Plan

If you've seen our COO's transformation, you're probably wondering how you can follow along at home? Here Ali Bracher, one of BLOKs superstar trainers, has devised a plan for you to do at home. We've taken photos of Ali in the garden to show that you don't need a fancy gym or equipment to do any of these moves.

Charlie had success doing HIIT, so here's a 10 stage bodyweight HIIT workout for a full body work out and max calorie burn.


45 seconds on 15 seconds off (that really is all it takes!)

(added challenge 30 seconds on 10 seconds off 20 seconds no rest.)


- fast feet; stand with feet hip-width and lower into a half squat, raise on to the balls of your feet and run as fast as you can on the spot. For max benefits use arms as well and keep chest lifted. 


- mountain climbers; start in a plank position with shoulders over wrists and drive alternate knees to the core. Aim to keep bum low and shoulders forward.


- split lunge; begin in a lunge position with rear leg activated then jump and switch your leading leg. Try to switch with both legs actively straight in the air and back leg low with your core firmly engaged.


- press up; beginning in a prone position (high plank), with feet slightly apart and hands directly under shoulders. Lower the body using arms keeping back completely straight and then raise the body back up. 


- squat jump; feet are shoulder width, lower down into a regular squat, ensuring you can see your toes, engage your core and explosively jump up and return to the floor in a squat position with a soft landing to protect knees. 


- ab crunch; sit on sit bones on the floor with feet raised 90degrees in front with hands firmly on the floor next to you, tuck knees into chest and extend legs out until straight and then bring them back in as quickly as possible. For an extra challenge try with hands off the floor. 


-180 degree walkouts; start with feet hip-width apart. Bend forward and place hands on the floor just in front of your feet and then shift weight into hands and begin to walk them forward as quickly as you can until you reach a high plank and then walk them back to your feet. Return to standing and jump 180 degrees and repeat. Be sure to jump in both directions to avoid dizziness! 


- tuck jumps; a plyometric exercise that uses fast and powerful movements to increase agility and power. Bend knees to a quarter squat and then explode into the air maintaining a strong core and straight back, driving both knees up towards your chest and landing as softly as possible. Once you are more familiar with the movement you can land and go straight into another tuck jump; ensuring you are bringing knees into your chest.


- high knees; running on the spot with an exaggerated knee lift. Use your arms and alternately drive your knees as high as you can. Make sure you aren't just kicking your bum. Added challenge keep your arms straight above your head!


burpee; Begin in standing position moving into a squat position and placing hands flat to the floor, then throw both legs at the same time back into a high plank keeping arms extended then snap legs straight back to a squat position and jump. Repeat. add a press up for max burn.

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