Xam Volo's Top Musical Influences


With the release of his Chilarity EP today, one thing is clear, XamVolo's making an impact. Check out his musical influences right here.

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The Merseyside singer-songwriter is making music with a maturity of artists much more experienced than himself. Listening to 'Down' you can't help but feel like you've always loved it. The Chilarity EP is out today and with so much hype building around this UK sensation, he's without a doubt one to watch over the next 12 months. Check out the single below and you can buy the EP here.

It's obvious he's talented but we wanted to know who the most influential artists in his life are. With a list that includes production from Dilla and legends like d'Angelo, you can see how he's creating such impressive sounds. Check out his list and stream all the tracks on our Spotify.

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Bilal is the strongest contemporary example I can give in regards to the carefree ethos of Jazz and Funk.  The way he bends rules and conventions in his music definitely inspires me to do the same.  '1st Born Second' was the first album I heard of his, and it's still one of my favourites.  Yet to find a groove that matches his rendition over Dilla's 'Reminisce'.


Hiatus Kaiyote

I'm relatively new to the band, but the level of thought that goes into the arrangements is untouched by most of what's out there at the moment.  They can play it all live too which is the scariest bit.  I'm a big fan of their strong branding; always appreciate a good world to buy into.  Fave song of theirs is 'Swamp Thing'.

Amy Winehouse

British Jazz and Soul singer, wildly successful with the ability to deliver timeless records.  That's enough inspiration for me.  'Tears Dry On Their Own' is such a vivid song, something quite classic about the imagery.


Janelle Monae

The same feeling I had when I heard D'Angelo's Black Messiah is the same as when I first heard The Archandroid.  Her brand was incredibly strong and the album sounded so expensive.  Something about 'Dance or Die' was my favourite for a long time, though my favourite cuts tend to change with Janelle.

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I remember waking up to the preorder of his latest album and listening through it twice.  I like the fact that he exists and thrives in a scene where he's expected to make a certain type of music.  Difference is important, and the latest record definitely sits in a world of it's own.  'Back To The Future: Part I' is my personal theme song.


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