4 Stylish Halloween Outfits You Can go as This Year

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Halloween is back, and for this, we are grateful. Halloween is an excuse to dress up and drink your heart content - you're never too old for Halloween festivities. This year, we are gathering the 4 most stylish outfits for you to dress up as.

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Halloween Costumes

Dressing up is part of Halloween's tradition, but as we get older, the stupid, comical outfits aren't always that appealing. Sometimes it's nice to dress up and not look stupid. From actors to characters, this style guide will tell you how you can do that with our 4 stylish and easy Halloween costumes for men and the easiest DIY Halloween costumes for men.

Style Icons

There's nothing worse than a Halloween costume that doesn't translate - answering the question 'So, what are you?' all night can get so tedious. A solution to this? Go as a style icon. An icon means that everyone (well, almost everyone) will know them, and therefore know who you are too! These costumes can usually be conjured up from clothes you already have lying around in your wardrobe, making them cheap Halloween costumes

James Dean

James Dean is one of the biggest men's style icons of all time, so this has to be one of the best cool Halloween costumes for men. During the 50s, James Dean became a symbol of rebellion amongst the youth, and his style became iconic. He's known for his effortless slicked back hair, a clean, plain white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. You can even add a pair of sunglasses for a final touch.

This look is incredibly easy, and stylish, to re-create. It's also the perfect last minute costume ideas for guys. All you'll need is a comb, some hair gel or wax, a white T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and a belt. Finish your look with some sunnies and team the look with a pair of boots. Dressing as James Dean gives you a great excuse to get hold of some wardrobe essentials in time for winter. There aren't many other quick Halloween costumes like this.

James Dean T Shirt
James Dean Wears T-shirt

River Phoenix

River Phoenix is another men's style icon, but this time we only dip as far back as the 90s. He perfectly emulates the grunge style - a great look for men this Halloween and one of the most simple Halloween costumes. This look will be so easy to recreate - you'll probably be able to do it with clothes you already own.

Find your most tattered shirt, or go to the charity shop and buy one for a couple of pounds. Wear a black T-shirt and wear the shirt over it, unbuttoned halfway down. Team these with some slim-fit black jeans and finish off the look with a pair of black high-top converse and some white socks pulled all the way up. Finally, walk around with a moody look on your face and talk about activism. That's really all there is to it!

River Phoenix Grunge 90s Shoes Mens Style Black Converse
River Phoenix, Grunge Style In Converse

Halloween Character Costumes

Like style icons, characters from books, films etc, are a great option for Halloween costumes. If we want to look stylish this Halloween, which we do, we'll avoid dressing as the horror icon Jigsaw from the SAW films or frightening everyone dressed as Chuck the doll from Childs Play. Instead, we will look to the more suave characters of the media for some Halloween costume ideas for men.

James Bond

What a classic character this is! Not only is it an undeniably cool outfit, it's also so, so easy to pull off. All you need to dress as James Bond is a fresh tuxedo. Depending on whether your bond of preference is the latest Daniel Craig or the 007 original, Sean Connery, you'll easily be able to find something to pull off this look.

Lets, for argument sake, say you go for a Daniel Craig look. All you'll need is a black suit blazer and trousers (if you own a dress tux, even better), a white shirt and some polished brogues. Finish the look with a black bow tie and a martini in hand - shaken, not stirred.

Daniel Craig in the Most Iconic Tuxedo of Them All
PHOTO CREDIT: Royal Albert Hall

Marty Mcfly

Here's another unmistakable classic for Men's Halloween ideas. The Back To The Future trilogy from the 1980s is filled with characters that make great costumes for Halloween. The best of the pick? Marty Mcfly. Marty Mcfly, played by Michael J Fox, is the main character from the films and wears an outfit that you can easily pull off this year. 

First up, you'll need a dark red T-shirt - easy enough, right? Next up, get yourself a checked shirt and layer in, done up, on top of the T-shirt. Add another layer on top of this with a blue denim jacket (yes, this is going to be a hot costume). A red puffa gilet is a final touch on this mountain of clothes. Wear a pair of blue denim jeans that match the denim jacket, and team these with a pair of white trainers. Sorted.

Marty Mcfly
PHOTO CREDIT: North Country Public Radio

4 Stylish Halloween Outfits You Can go as This Year

  • James Dean creates a great opportunity to go effortlessly cool this Halloween. A white T-shirt, a pair of blue denim jeans and a whole load of hair gel will serve you well.
  • River Phoenix is known for his grungy style, so grab an old looking shirt and your dirty pair of Converse and you're good to go.
  • James Bond is a Halloween classic and presents an excuse to dig out your tuxedo. Have a martini in hand as you look suave this Halloween.
  • Marty Mcfly is a classic look from the 80s films Back To The Future. This should be an easy costume you can replicate with clothes you already own.

River Phoenix Mens Style White T-shirt
River Phoenix

On That Note

These four stylish Halloween costumes are so easy to pull off, as well as being cheap! Funny Halloween costumes for men are all good and well but it's always a good idea to reuse your outfits to save your money or buy a costume that you can wear over and over again. So, this Halloween, push aside your novelty costumes or Halloween costumes with beards, because this year, things are going to get a whole lot better looking.


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