Why F*ckboys are So 2017


Even though most girls fall for f*ckboys in an instant, it doesn't mean we actually like them. We're over them, we've moved on and from now on, the majority of us girls will turn you down. Why? Because f*ckboys have been left in 2017 and we think you should know why.

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F*ckboys: a part of the millennial dictionary that's become a way of life for some guys. You may not think you are one, or you may know you definitely are one, but the amount of so-called f*ckboys has grown throughout 2017 until they were practically developing into their own breed. Being the cool f*ckboy amongst your mates was fun, we're not denying that, you've had a good time but it's time to quit it. Going out at the weekend and seeing the array of girls you're 'playing' and thinking 'this is what makes the weekends so fun'. You have all the control, you can get the girls, of course you're going to love being a f*ckboy - so why would you want it to end?

Well, as this is coming from an Idle women's perspective, we're going to tell you why the f*ckboy is dying out and we don't want you to get left behind still thinking this way of life is cool. Girls are coming to the realisation that you're not really worth our time. And do you want to know why? Because we've seen it all go down hill so many times now - whether it's ourselves, our friends, on TV or anywhere else in the media. F*ckboys, with the help of all girls, are becoming an extinct part of our lives.

How You Know You're a Class A F*ckboy

The 'you up' text or the very classy 'send nudes' message helps answer the ultimate what is a f*ckboy question - you may even add a kiss on the end so you don't completely look like you're just after some nakedness. If you're looking for a specific f*ckboy definition, then this is what we'll go for; it's basically the epitome of double standards. Guys can talk to as many girls as they want but each girl can't explore her options in the same way.

Wolf of Wall street made Leonardo a class A f*ckboy
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If you're still questioning if you are a f*ckboy, and remember there are different levels of f*ckboy-ness, we've got a few things that may jog your memory and help you decide whether you fit the bill.

  • The 'u up?' text at 2am. The night's coming to an end and you've not found any new prey, so you result to sending the 'you up?' text to at least three of your go-to contacts. This is mainstream f*ckboy, and sometimes even un-f*ckboys do this.
  • Chatting to multiple people. We're not saying you have to 'put all your eggs in one basket' but when it's been a while and you're still talking to the same three girls, you should know which one you like more. More often than not, those three girls will only be talking to you and no-one else. This isn't because we're girls and we only talk to one guy at a time, it's because we know when to calm it with the others (most of the time). And if you can't sense when to cut the others off, you're at peak f*ckboy stage.
  • The need to be the best 'lad' amongst your mates. We're not talking about the lads that are too busy playing Fifa to even reply to a girl, we're talking about the ones that spend their time chasing girls and seeing who can get the most. It's fun yes, and if you want you can carry on, but sometimes you need to draw the line.
  • Snapchat is the most used app on your phone. It's the easy way to chat to a girl without any of the conversations getting saved. Therefore you can talk to multiple girls without getting caught out. It's really quite good logic, but I'm afraid we've caught on and know your game.

Why Do Women Love F*ckboys So Much?

It's hard to explain and it's hard to actually figure out why women go for them. We know they're bad for us and we know we shouldn't love it when they give us attention, but we still go right ahead. As guys, you know that if you want to quickly get a girl, Mr Nice guy never usually works, so you utilise this to your advantage. And we don't blame you.

Back before the term f*ckboy was so widely used, you could spot each one easily. Piercings, a dark tan and the very best of 90s clothing. But these days there's no real uniform that defines them, meaning every girl will fall for one at some point, as there's one from every 'type'. It's now the characteristics and actions that show us when one arrives, for instance, the f*ckboy charm. The smooth chat, the no cares attitude and the not fully interested attitude. If you know you do this then you'll know you have girls falling at your every move.

Justin Bieber's come out of his fuck boy stage

Why You Should Leave It In 2017

We now come to the main question: what do you actually get out of being a f*ckboy? Other than the girl (or a few) for five minutes. It's fun while it lasts, but once you've gone through a number of girls (even worse when they all know each other), you'll end up with limited options for when you actually want to settle down. You'll get to a certain point in your life (even if you don't think so now) that you'll want to slow it down and find a girl that's just yours. It may not be your concern right now, but once your f*ckboy years are finished, what're you going to do then? You'll get stuck into old habits and figuring out how not to be a f*ckboy will become difficult.

So to save you the hassle, this is where us girls come in, as leaving the f*ckboy mentality in 2017 is a good idea. Girls are going to completely write off the whole f*ckboy scenario at some point and each year it seems to be dying out on our side a little bit more. Guys, you may not know this, but we've actually realised that there's no point wasting our time on the so called f*ckboy and his lifestyle. Although it's taken a while and of course there will be a few that still carry on, we're over it. It's been a long journey, but it's somehow come to a slow and steady stop.

You Can Still Have Your Fun

We're not trying to persuade you to get a girlfriend or to stop doing what makes you happy, but we're just hinting that you should do the whole dating thing a little different. Yes, if you're on Tinder you can chat to more than one girl and you can go on different dates, but when you start to like one more than the other, that's when you should ditch the rest. You need to make a decision as to whether you want to keep testing the waters or you want to carry on with one girl. It's not that hard really. The hardest decision will be deciding who you want to carry on with, but that's really the fun part. Figuring out how to not be a f*ckboy is quite simple. Here's how you should give it a go.

  • I know replying really quickly in today's society is a no go, but you don't have to wait days to answer. Stop leaving it too long, as we'll probably get bored of waiting and assume you belong to the f*ckboy gang. And by too long, we mean anything from four or five hours plus.
  • Don't let the conversation drag just because you want to get into the girl's pants. Give us something to work with and don't be afraid to actually talk about something decent.
  • Say it as it is. This is a basic point. If you're casually chatting then let her know you're not looking to fly away on a couples holiday this summer.
  • Don't forward "confidential" texts or photos to your group chat. This is a rule in general, but if the relationship does end up going somewhere just think, all your mates have seen her in a way she doesn't want to be seen by them.
  • If you've promised one girl something, don't promise the rest the same thing. This is deep f*ckboy territory and it'll be harder to get out of if you're basically in a relationship with them all.

The f*ckboy mentality brings us to our final question, is chivalry dead? A very Twenty-first Century question, but could it be true? And although we're looking at it from an Idle women's perspective, we're not just blaming the boys. Is feminism to blame? Or is it the era of the f*ckboy and the quick fire dating scene that's mixed it up? Who really knows, but it's safe to say that there's a lot less of it now than there used to be.

State your intentions

On That Note

With f*ckboys being the kings of 2017, it's time to take off the crown and take a step back from the 'you up?' culture that you find yourself stuck in. We know that you f*ckboys may be charming, make a girl feel wanted and are usually very charismatic, but it's never ended well. At the time it's all fun and games but when you come to realise that girls are no longer falling for it, you'll be stuck on what to do.


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