What Is CrossFit? The 2019 Fitness Craze

What Is CrossFit? The 2019 Fitness Craze

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Fitness trends come and go each year, we’ve seen people toning through bodyweight training and seen the rate of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) go up rapidly. This year’s biggest trend is CrossFit, so what is it and why are people getting hooked?

Founded by Greg Glassman in 2000 in California, CrossFit is based upon safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition to adapt a person and help them achieve lifetime goals. Whether you’re new to exercise, a gym hunk or aspiring athlete, CrossFit is tailored to suit everyone at any age. A dedicated trainer is there to help you every step of the way curating different workouts each day to maximise your ability to meet your goal, so no two days are ever the same.

CrossFit is a lifestyle change, it’s not something you do for short term gains, it’s a philosophy on how to live the healthiest you can for your individual body. Transforming your exercise regime it also feeds into your life as a whole dictating your meals and out of hours activities. The general diet you uptake when starting your CrossFit journey is 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat.

Stepping into ‘the box’ the CrossFit technical term for the gym, it homes a community spirit priding itself on the phrase that the person who finishes last will always receive more praise than the person who finishes first. The exercises you do are designed to fit reflect and enhance those times when you struggle more, for example, carrying the groceries, picking up your childing and performing tasks with them on your waist - It’s about creating workouts which are most effective and most applicable to everyday life.

Photo credit: Crossfit Nottingham

Each hour-long session is split into four sections, warm-up, strength/skill, workout of the day (WOD) and the cool down. Each CrossFit session lasts around an hour with all four of these components, starting out with the warm-up which is tailored towards the WOD and targets the areas you’ll be using in the session. Following that you focus on your strength or skill, this is either something which strengthens you or you focus on improving a skill such as walking handstand. Then it’s time for the main body, the WOD. The aim of the WOD is to perform a combination of exercises for a set amount of time or until you’ve finished the target reps. The majority of WOD’s only last a total of 15 minutes as anything longer is considered an endurance.

The whole lifestyle of CrossFit is a great way to meet your individual fitness goal as the program goes beyond ‘the box’ and helps you fit up your diet.  As it says on the official CrossFit site, “A combination of fitness and diet is key to long term health”, the basic diet is 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fats whilst avoiding all processed foods. This diet can be altered depending on your fitness goal but still hit all target food areas. Sticking to fresh and well-prepared meals will always be better for you in terms of your long term health, you can check out one recommended dish below taken from the official CrossFit site. 

If you think that CrossFit is something you’d like to start then you can check out the official website for more information and how you can join. There are CrossFit centres all around the world so it wouldn’t be hard to find one near you so you can kickstart your fitness for the second half of 2019.

What will be the next fitness craze in 2020? 

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