Top 5 Rules on What Colour Jumper You Should Wear to Work

Top 5 Rules on What Colour Jumper You Should Wear to Work

Getting to the nitty-gritty of the working life and jumper etiquette, here are a few hints and tips on what colour jumper you should wear to work.

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The correct colours can make or break your whole working day; if you get it just right you feel energised, a spring in your step, and a pride in your overall appearance. But if you get it wrong, you risk alienation and being the topic of colleague gossip. Nobody wants that.

So if your morning routine, prior to reading this, is swinging your wardrobe door wide open, dreading having to dive and having a rummage through, seeing nothing but the wrong jumper choices, this is the right guide for you.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a wardrobe full of clothes however going through your collection daily is tiring and wastes a lot of time. If preferred, you can imitate the stylings of influential individuals in today’s working world; for example Mark Zuckerberg and President Barack Obama both claim not to waste time differentiating between the grey cashmere jumper and the cream fine nylon type which hugs the body frame – they wear the same item of clothing each day, allegedly. Talk about your style overload – right.

Rule One – Be Simple

As hard as it may seem to constantly try to reinvent yourself every day, sometimes simple is better. There are a few tips already in place that you can follow – for example the Theory of Colour Analysis (an old finding of Swiss painter Johannes Itten). Choosing the correct colour to suit your skin tone – he found some of his students who used warm colours for their paintings had blond hair and dark eyes which complimented their appearance -  from there, the theory was born. How do you test this? A quick hold of the material to either your left/right arm, seeing the colour blend often does the trick for me.  A nice toned jumper on top of a crisp, white, pressed shirt speaks volumes, and it really is simple to put together. Plus it’s a time-buster.

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Rule Two - Avoid Overly Bright Colours

This is a giveaway, and bears a lot of similarities to the first point. Yet, many still fall prey to this by opting for the wrong choice altogether. In the effort to stand out and appear diverse in your wardrobe selections, this is one not to do. You want to seem approachable at work, refined, while remaining welcoming not stand offish and eccentric. The right colour choice will do this for you, and it's completely up to you. I often prefer a nice red/grey/navy, or shade of brown when choosing my jumper to compliment my black, navy or ash grey trousers. Top this off with appropriate footwear, your seasonal accessories, and to really go for it, don a pair of simple wayfarer glasses. If you must stand out, use the one colour trick; instead of trying to match everything, wear one simple colour in your outfit to add a splash of colour to your appearance. You’re good to go.

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Rule Three – Think Ahead

There are a lot of choices out there, from your chunky jumpers to your originals, and the newly slim fitted series. Part of the unwritten jumper etiquette is thinking outside the cloth; ahead of weather, day to day activities and your work environment/atmosphere. For example, if you are having drinks in the local drinking well after work, a chunky jumper will not favour the unsavoury busy sauna-like atmosphere – unless you’re standing outside which doesn’t really favour you in the UK when it can rain at any time. If it’s bound to rain, refrain from your normal Friday, ergonomically, fitted jumper that might upset or give colleagues a bit too much stare time.  Instead opt for a nice fitted maroon or cream colour, it shows you still mean business while being ready for anything.

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Rule Four - Avoid The Seasonal ‘out of date’ Jumper

As enticing as it is to continue spreading love, peace and joy to mankind, seasonal attire have their sell by date. They are great to wear during the lead up, for example, a Christmas jumper is great in the lead up to Christmas, during Christmas, but not so much after. You become susceptible to scowls from the office Grinch. A dark green jumper is nice to wear during Spring as it resonates with flora, fresh and new beginnings.  If it has a tree, a reindeer or a love heart jumping out of it, you might want to retire it to the back of your wardrobe to be unleashed at the next seasonal party.

Rule Five – Have Fun

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the right colour jumper is a mood enhancer so why not follow the above tips and represent you. Show your professional side while feeling completely confident in what you’re wearing. Select from the choices in The Idle Man range and enjoy the looks, the stares and the swoons around you while you revel in it, knowing you followed the guide outlined in this piece.

With time, you too will soon be a pro at effectively choosing the right jumper to accentuate, sell and brand you. Good luck.

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