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Following on from our last '24 Hours With.../ A Week In The Life of...' feature with Schoolboy Couture, we bring you another insightful photo journey, this time with menswear blogger Mat Buckets.

For those unfamiliar with the name, Mat Buckets aka Mat Pike is the main man behind the stellar fashion, design and lifestyle blog, Buckets & Spades. Starting off in 2008 as a visual diary of Mat's daily life and findings, Buckets & Spades has since grown into a credible resource for the latest in menswear news and inspiration, with Mat regularly sharing his latest purchases and ensembles.

Now in its 6th year, Mat regularly collaborates with both menswear and lifestyle brands to produce unique content for various campaigns they're working on. Recently Mat was invited to feature in Uni Qlo's AW14 merino wool video campaign which you can view here.

Thank you to Mat for his words and images - we hope you enjoy. Don't forget to check the all-important social media links after the jump to see what Mat's up to next.

Mat Buckets x The Idle Man

My typical week starts early on a Sunday morning, which is when I try to set out my week's work and any travel commitments. This week in photos was an especially busy one - starting off with a trip to The Glenrothes Whiskey distillery up in the North of Scotland, up at 4am to catch a flight in Manchester, arriving at Aberdeen around 11am. Stocked up on coffee, we head over to the Glenrothes for a tour of their grounds and a heavy afternoon of whiskey sampling. The next day was more about the outdoor pursuits, where at one point I was driving a Land Rover on the moors, while blindfolded. Every week is different from the next…


Back to reality by Wednesday but this week also brought new challenges. I was kindly invited to be "industry guest" at the university where I studied (Central Lancashire) and talk to the Styling students about my career, how I work with brands and projects I'm currently working on. Over the next few weeks I'll be working closer with them on their current project which revolves around menswear. I spotted this bit of weird perpetually graffiti in Preston, while I was on my way to class.

Mat Buckets x The Idle Man 2

Man, busy week! The next morning I was up at 4am again to make my way down to London for an exciting project with a Japanese brand. I ran around from meet to meeting like a mad man but did get some down time on the way home - I grabbed a burger from Five Guys and sat outside (the rather grim) Euston Station for an hour catching up on emails and social media. For some reason I've never noticed this office block in the day time, but that night it looked picture perfect.

Mat Buckets x The Idle Man 3

A moment of quiet on the super busy Northern Line. When you see it empty it seems so sterile but clearly it's the opposite. Two minutes later I was face-to-face with about 30 other fellow commuters, holding onto my camera like my life depended on it.

Mat Buckets x The Idle Man 5

Being on my feet most of the day really does dictate I wear comfy trainers pretty much all of the time. I admire the fellas that get dressed up in suits and super smart clothing every day but it's just not me - I'm just happy with an oxford shirt, jeans and a pair of trainers.

Mat Buckets x The Idle Man 4

One of the best things about working freelance within menswear + design is that I get to meet up with a bunch of like-minded people. To work with creative people who can make ideas happen is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. When I'm in London I also make time to pop in to see my friends at Ruffians Barber Shop at Covent Garden. Even if I'm not having a treatment they always welcome me with open arms - you can trust these guys to provide you with great drip coffee or beer. Always great company.

Mat Buckets x The Idle Man 6

I was back in the office on Friday and Saturday, catching up with work, emails and articles for the blog. Sunday threw up another bit of travel, this time up to the Lake District, and what a beautiful part of England is it. I was shooting a small promotion with an American footwear brand, and we settled on the Lakes as the backdrop. Perfect is was too. The heavens opened at one point but it didn't take away from the stunning views and Autumnal colours - in fact it made it all the better.

Mat Buckets x The Idle Man 1

So this brings us nicely to Sunday evening - dinner for one, followed by The Apprentice reruns and starting the whole working week once again. Never ending but so rewarding.

Stay up-to-date with what Mat's up to next on: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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