Birkenstocks Are The New Summer Staple

Birkenstocks Are The New Summer Staple

As the Summer Heat continues to shine down on us should be more than enough for you to invest in the new staple of the Summertime - the Birkenstock. Don't let the notorious reputation that follow men wearing sandals precede you. There is a way to style them without shame, and we have just the right fits for you to get your feet into.

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Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical paradise, perusing the cobbled streets of some ancient European town or simply walking around the British countryside, sandals are the perfect solution to summer dressing. Our guide will not only showcase what’s on offer in the Birkenstock world, from dress to casual sandals, leather and all that’s in between, but we’ll also advise you on how to style them regardless of your age, height or body type. Understood? Read on to learn the ins and outs on how to wear Birkenstocks.

How to Wear Sandals for Men

That tricky dilemma of understanding how to style a pair of sandals has haunted British men for years. That’s largely down to the fact that we rarely, if ever, get a decent summer, so our legs are never on show. But fear not, the modern way to wear sandals isn’t just confined to pairing them with shorts. There’s a whole new approach to dressing up or dressing down a pair of men's sandals this season.

Sandals With Shorts

Let’s start with the basics. Shorts and sandals are your wardrobe’s best friends, and when paired together during the summer months they make for a match made in heaven. Short lengths vary depending on the style you want to go for – be it a smarter chino that hits just below the knee, a pair of denim cut-offs frayed at the hem, or even swim shorts that are bright enough to catch the attention of anyone sunbathing on the beach.


With that in mind the type of sandal you choose should preferably coordinate with the style of short you’re wearing. For example, a smarter chino style would work best with a slightly elevated pair of leather sandals rather than a more casual pair of mens leather flip-flops. Speaking of, flip-flops work best with a more casual pair of shorts made from denim or lightweight cotton. They’re best confined to summer holidays as a ‘thrown on’ option, especially if you’re visiting a beach resort, because they provide less arch support for your feet.

Sandals With Trousers

For smarter occasions, or when the weather isn’t looking quite as sunny but you still want to vibe a casual summer style, wearing sandals with trousers is an ideal alternative to the shorts-sandals combination. Thanks to menswear designers pushing the resort lines over the past few years wearing sandals on a day-to-day basis has become common practice in society. No longer should sandals be confined to the beach, instead men can decide to wear them out and about during the day, from the city to the beach and the countryside.


Pair mens leather sandals with jeans in a faded wash or coordinate them with lightweight chinos and a basic t-shirt to achieve the ultimate dressed down outfit. Cropped trousers work well too if you’re willing to show off a little more ankle than you’re used to.

Men in Sandals

It’s all well and good explaining the benefits of wearing sandals with shorts or trousers, but how about putting that advice into practice. Take inspiration from some of the slickest street inspired outfits that combine men's sandals with outfits suited to any occasion, and get the look online at The Idle Man.

Summer Tailoring and Sandals

Switch out the stuffy three-piece suit you wear everyday to the boardroom and opt for a stylish, yet ultimately casual, summer tailoring look. Learn to experiment with colour with a statement blazer in a summer appropriate hue, and consider cotton chinos over suit trousers to pair with a smarter pair of two-strap leather sandals in a neutral shade.


Keep it Monochromatic

Dressing failsafe in an all-over monochromatic colour is a surefire way of maintaining a casual sense of style this summer. If you’re afraid of louder summer colours, or are just more partial to a moodier wardrobe, then always opt for flattering black as it can be interchanged back into your wardrobe throughout the year. Pair a basic crewneck t-shirt with black jeans and similarly black sandals for an on-the-go city dweller look.


How to Wear Sandals for Men: A Round-Up

  • Consider the type of Birkenstock with the length of short you’ll be wearing. Anything tailored should be styled with leather ones if you're going for a more formal vibe.
  • Sandals can be paired with trousers, but make sure they’re lightweight in denim or cotton chino fabric.
  • Birkenstocks are the sandal of choice for style combined with comfort.
  • Leather sandals should be conditioned every few months with polish and oil treatments to keep the material supple all year round.

On That Note

What have you taken away from out guide on how to wear sandals for men? Remember it’s all about combining comfort with style, but ultimately it’s about what occasion you’ll be wearing sandals for. If it’s for a beach getaway then it’s not worth investing in an expensive pair of leather sandals, save those for the office. And if you’re looking to pursue sporting activities then look for a design that combines durable materials with arch support. Style sandals with shorts, chinos, denim or tailored trousers, they’re the ideal summer shoe of choice, perhaps maybe all year round with the rise of socks and Birkenstocks.


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