How to Train Your Calf Muscles

How to train Calves|How to train Calves

This guide to training calves is the introductory article focusing on the lower muscles in the leg.

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Along with the quads, hamstrings and glutes, the calves can too be neglected a lot of the time by gym goers and sports people.

You are limited as to what you can do in regards to exercises, as the bio-mechanics of the calf muscles are very basic.

Standing Calf Raises

These can come in two variations, plate loaded and weighted with a pin. To perform this, place the pads on your shoulders and put your toes on to the stand making sure you can come all the way up on to your toes and fully extend again. The key to performing this exercise properly is to make sure you allow a full contraction by standing fully on to your toes.

How to train Calves
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Seated Calf Raises

The movement to this is the same as standing calf raises with the exception that you are seated. I find these an easier option if your legs are tired already from training them, being seated allows you to conserve energy. Again, the key is to make sure you do a full range of movement.

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