Toronto City Guide with Artist Steph Hoff


This week's My City sees us handing the tour guide duties away from musicians and into the very capable and creative hands of Steph Hoff. Steph is a key component to Free Agency, a collective of creatives building artistic projects in Toronto and currently hitting UK shores to bring their ingenuity to the British people.

Their projects span sculptures, illustrations, photography and more interactive pieces. To get a better idea of what these guys are about, head to their website.

Keep up to date with Steph's antics, on her Tumblr & Instagram.

Best place to cure your hangover?

Bolt Fresh Bar, a shot of High Boltage and a Refresher juice will get me back on track.


Photo Credit: Funsize Beauty


Top spot for a first date?

If I want to impress, I'll take him to Branca and order the 30 day dry aged ribeye steak to share.

If I'm not sure yet, I'll ask him to meet me at Black Dice Cafe, sip on sake and see what he puts on the jukebox.


Image Credit:
Photo Credit: Toronto Life


Your favourite place to chill and clear your head?

An early morning run around the waterfront path from Parkdale to Etobicoke.


Image Credit:
Photo Credit: Parkbench


Top location to gain some inspiration?

Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market, for vintage shopping, street food and casually running into everyone.


Image Credit: Huffington Post
Photo Credit: Huffington Post


Best club for a few too many drinks?

Clubs are full of cheesy suburbanites, skip the lineup and head straight to the BEVSTMODE after-party.


Image Credit: James Drobik - Embrace
Photo Credit: James Drobik - Embrace


Top spot for a coffee?

Sam James Coffee Bar has 4 locations throughout the downtown so the best espresso in Toronto is almost always within reach.



Image Credit: Hype Beast
Photo Credit: Hypebeast


Earliest memory of your city?

Joe Carter's winning walk-off home run at the 1993 World Series. ​


Image Credit:
Photo Credit: Metro News


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