Tor Miller Talks To The Idle Man Ahead of New Album

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With the new music video for the enchanting song Surrender recently dropping, we speak to the soon to be hit Tor Miller about his music journey so far and what he's listening to right now. 

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Do you love big, classic pop songs with a hint of jazz? Then you'll love Tor Miller. The Brooklyn raised native has gone from strength to strength since his first EP release earlier this year. From playing out of bars in the lower East Side to selling out his UK headline shows, Tor Miller is definitely an artist that needs to be on everyones radar. Touring with big names such as James Bay and George Ezra, Tor is carving a space out for himself within his music nicheWe at the Idle Man catch up with the New York artist and talk all things music and fashion, and what is in stall for his future.

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How does it feel from playing in bars to having your first album about to be released?

It feels really nice! When I first started playing live I always envisioned myself pursuing this as a career. It has been a long and steady progression but one which has felt right and has granted me ample time to enhance my skill set. I really cannot wait and am chomping at the bit!

What does American English mean to you?

British English and American English are almost two completely different languages. I was an American boy living in London at the age of 18 and I started picking up the slang as I met more people and spent more time in the city. When I first returned to the US my friends noticed I had this affected inflection and picked up many new foreign words. So American English is a way of speech, a lifestyle, an attitude and reflects my time as an American abroad.

For anyone that is new to your music, how would you describe it?

I would say it is 70’s inspired pop rock with a lot of emphasis on the piano.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I have been very into the self-titled record by Natalie Prass. The songs and arrangements on this record are just very creative and the album itself is so diverse in its sound and influence.

What other artist do you look towards for inspiration?

David Bowie has always been a hero of mine. Elton John and Ray Charles both have informed a lot of my music. Tom Waits and Lou Reed have given me great insight into interesting and raw lyrical content.

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is sort of a 50’s throw back. I roll the sleeves, tuck the shirt, black jeans, Converse. I also inherited this amazing red leather varsity jacket which I wear always.

tor miller style the idle man
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Top 3 songs that everyone needs in their playlist right now?

  1.  Jump Sturdy- Dr. John
  2. ABC - Playground
  3. T.REX - Children of the Revolution



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