Top Picks For A Hangover

Top Picks For A Hangover

We all love to let our hair down and have a drink or two (or three) but most of us find, especially as we get older, the repercussions of excessive drinking get increasingly worse. We're here to offer a little helping hand with our Top Picks for hangover cures.

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We have all been told the golden rules of drinking to avoid the after effects of a hangover. Eating before you drink and having a glass of water between every drink are the two most common instructions. However, more often than not, we don't really think about the hangover until it hits us the following day. We have gone on a search for the best products that are designed to help us during these desperate times.


Our first contender is, drumroll please, SoBur! We simply love the name of this, however, we love the product much more. A few of our boozy team members have put SoBur to the test, and it's a definite thumb's up.

SoBur pills are created with hangovers in mind. The trick to SoBur is to take two tablets after drinking or just before bed (if you even make it that far). Taking these will substantially decrease the effects of your hangover the next day. These will also help you feel more energized the next day, meaning you now have that perfect excuse to drink on a school night. As if this isn't enough, SoBur pills will help brain health, protect your liver and keep your immune system healthy.

To read more on SoBur, and to try them yourself, head over to their website.

SoBur Hangover Pills


Savsé (which is pronounced Sav-Say) create some of the best cold-press juices we have ever had, and that's sober! The award-winning smoothie brand creates low-calorie juices that contribute two of your five-a-day. They make flavours that cover pretty much every colour, including their Super Blue, Super Red and even Super Purple smoothies.

Savsé have now added Protein Punch smoothies and their wonderful Jonagold Apple Juice and Grove Orange juice to their range. Now, I don't know about you, but a smoothie, apple or orange juice goes down an absolute treat after a night out on the town. Why wouldn't you want to have one that tastes this good and does good to your body, too?

Explore more of the Savsé range on their website.

Savsé Juice Range

Boost Oxygen

Here we have a product which filled us with delight and a lot of pure oxygen. Most of us find that after a day of drinking we have very little energy and motivation. Oxygen is the key to energy, and energy is the key shit done, so we couldn't recommend Boost Oxygen enough.

Boost Oxygen provides 98% pure and natural oxygen in their portable cans, some of which including the aromas of Pink Grapefruit, Frankincense and Eucalyptus, which is suggested to use to aid your hangover. Wondering how it works? Luckily, Boost Oxygen have done the science for us:

"Alcohol leads to Oxygen deficiency. Oxygen increases the rate that Alcohol toxins are broken down. It takes 3 molecules of Oxygen to metabolise 1 molecule of Alcohol."

The idea with Boost Oxygen is that you take two-to-three inhalations before the drinking commences. Follow your drinking sesh with three-to-five inhalations to subdue that thumping headache and feel you leaving rejuvenated.

See more on Boost Oxygen on their website.

Boost Oxygen Cans
PHOTO CREDIT: Boost Oxygen

GAIL's Bakery

Once you have passed the 'I can't stomach anything' stage of your hangover, you'll usually find you actually really do want something to eat. The problem is, when you're feeling like this, there is usually one thing you have in mind, and chances are that one thing isn't ready and waiting in your fridge. Queue GAIL's Bakery.

We adore GAIL's Bakery for a couple of reasons. The first is because they offer such a wide range of foods - sweet and savoury. Secondly, their food tastes amazing. And finally, they deliver. To indulge on such wonderful fresh bakery food from the comfort of your own home really is a dream that has now come true. Choose between breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, cakes, breads, drinks or all of the above for your hangover feast. Just be sure to check the terms for deliveries on their website.

Check out GAIL's Bakery on their website.

GAIL's Bakery Products

Bio-Synergy Charcoal

Bio-Synergy has created another way for us to detox after a heavy night on the drink. These Charcoal Activated capsules work by absorbing the toxins in the body, and yes, that includes tequila and beer. These capsules have the biggest effect when two are consumed with water after drinking. This will soak up a lot of the badness that makes our hangovers so unbearable.

The Bio-Synergy Charcoal capsules are 100% natural alkaline which helps balance out the acids you get in your body after boozing. What's more, these will help prevent cellular damage to livers and kidneys, reduce high cholesterol and reduce 'brain fog', making you more alert the day after. If they've helped us, they'll help you.

Try these out for yourself on the Bio-Synergy website.

Bio-Synergy Charcoal Capsules

Teapigs Matcha Mint

Teapigs have just released their new matcha mint tea. Matcha is the craze right now, making this a pretty cool product to get your hands on. For those of you who haven't caught on yet, matcha is grounded green tea leaves which are reduced to a fine powder. This way, you are drinking pure green tea that has all of the nutrients and goodness, not just the residue from a boiled tea bag.

Teapigs use 100% natural matcha and have combined it with mint to create this amazing green tea. These are bound to leave you feeling that little bit more relieved after you've been drinking. This Teapigs tea contains amino acids which are great for steady energy release and give a hefty boost of brain power, which, I think we can agree, is needed after a bottle or two. Take these sachets to make at home or have in your office.

See more or Teapigs on their website.

Teapigs Matcha Mint


As you know, or we hope so, anyway, all hangovers require a considerate amount of water to rehydrate your system. Ion8 are here to help with their ultimate water bottle.

The Ion8 water bottle has won some design awards, and we're not surprised after getting our hands on one. Coming in an impressive fourteen different colours, this water bottle has all of the features you never knew you needed. You don't have to worry about the bottle leaking in your bed or in your bag thanks to its leak-proof design. You also don't have to worry about it getting all dirty when you open it as it has a one touch open design, meaning you can simply click a button for the lid to pop open (and yes, you can lock this, too). The bottle is made from BPA free material making it ideal for both hot and cold liquids, we're thinking water in the evening, coffee in the morning?

Head over to the Ion8 webiste to check out what else this bottle has to offer.

Ion8 Water Bottle

Krispy Kreme

We all know that Krispy Kreme's are a treat at the best of times, but when you've been drinking and had a pretty late night then a sugary doughnut is gonna perk you right up. Our favourites are the original glazed (you can never go wrong with the OG) and the company's innovative take on New York Cheesecake. We wouldn't say no to a biscotti flavoured doughnut either.

There are many Krispy Kreme stores scattered throughout the UK, however, if you're feeling really under the weather you'll be pleased to know that the dreamy doughnuts are ready and waiting on Uber Eats for delivery straight to your front door. Grab your Krispy Kreme's in their dozens or treat yourself to a one hit wonder next time you've been on the spirits.

Check out Krispy Kreme's full range on their website.

krispy kreme donuts
A box of twelve Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Rosemary Water

Rosemary Water is one of our essential picks for a hangover. Available in Still and Sparkling editions, Rosemary Water is the refreshing drink you never knew you needed. So, why is it ideal for the hangover? Rosemary Water contains Rosmarinic acid which displays general antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The water also contains eucalyptol which is a memory enhancer - perfect if you can't quite remember what you got up to last night.

Essentially, rosemary is a super herb which helps with a whole host of things and will make you feel that little bit better. It tastes delicious and will keep you hydrated so we would highly recommend investing in some for next time you have a heavy night out. Pop the (very attractive) bottles in the fridge ready and waiting for the morning after.

Find out more about Rosemary Water their website.

Rosemary Water
PHOTO CREDIT: Rosemary Water

FireBox F*cking Strong Coffee & Wake The F*ck Up Tea

Big night last night? Let's face it, you're probably going to head straight to the cupboard for coffee or tea as soon as you wake up. The problem is, your standard supermarket caffeine fix is never really up to the mark, and you'll probably find yourself craving more caffeine to beat the fatigue and the worst headache of the century. Yet again, we're here with all the answers, with a little helping hand from Firebox.

Firebox has created some Tea and Coffee like no other. No man is a real man without some F*cking Strong Coffee. If you're not a coffee drinker, fine. Opt for Wake The F*ck Up Tea instead. We guarantee after a sip of these you'll instantly be feeling alive and ready to face the day. Why not treat yourself to the F*cking Strong Coffee mug too, just so everyone knows how manly you really are.

Find more of Firebox's products on their website.

Firebox Strong Tea & Coffee

Ren Glycolic Radiance Renewal Mask

This renewal mask is a complex mixture of Glycolic, Lactic, Tartaric and Citric Acids to revive your skin - something you'll more than need post-night out. The products come from 100% natural sources so you know they are only going to do good things to your skin.

The mask works to instantly reduce pore size, resurface and radically brighten skin in an attempt to give your skin some life. Derivatives from Mexican Papaya will actively exfoliate away dead skin cells (and maybe your sins), while omega 3 and 7 will help to reduce that alcohol flush. Use as soon as you wake up for best results!

For more information head to their website.

Glycolic Radiance Renewal Mask

Recipe For Men Under Eye Patches

One thing you're definitely going to need after a late night is some aid for your eye bags. Eye masks are by no means limited for the female species, and their benefits and results are most definitely worth the few pennies. This eye treatment patch will do wonders for your heavy, tired eyes, helping you look and feel refreshed the following day.

The Recipe For Men Under Eye Patches locks in hydration resulting in a brighter, firmer and more youthful appearance under your eyes - something you won't have if you've been partying until the early hours. A Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery system cause a deeper penetration of collagen and algae extracts into your skin which results in even better results.

For more information head over to their website.

Recipe For Men
Under Eye Patches


Finally - a useful product to pack in your bag or to take to pre-drinks before a night out. Drinkwel have created this life saver 'Life Of The Party' set, kitted out with everything you need inorder to have a good night and a good morning after.

Inside this compact tin you'll find two Drinkwel packets, each packet containing three tablets to take before and after drinking. There is also one electrolye mix which you can put into a glass of water to reboot your system. Granted, this doesn't sound much like a party, that's why they've inlcuded 12 healthy cocktail reciepes, 7 of their helathy drinking tips and a pack of essential (very minty) mints to guide you through the night.

Head over to the Drinkwel website to see how you can use them for your night out.

Drinkwel Life Of The Party Kit

On That Note

We all know that hangovers are pretty unavoidable, especially as you get older. We all know that there are things you can do to avoid them (drinking water after every alcoholic drink, drinking water before bed etc), but let's face it - sometimes you just aren't in a fit enough state to think of these during or after you get in from your night out. Here, we've got some of our favourite hangover cures (or aids) that'll make the next day that little bit easier. So chuck on a movie and stock up on some of these products ready for a day of lounging about. Your hangovers will never be the same again.


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