Top Picks for Easter

Top Picks for Easter

With Easter on the horizon, now is the time to go out and stock up on all of those Easter treats you've been craving all year. Luckily for you, we have gone and found the best Easter treats for this Top Picks to make this year's feast a little less generic. 

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Easter is coming, so in order to be prepared, you have to get out there early and snatch all the good eggs from the shelves. However, we're a little bored of the same old Easter eggs we give and/or receive each year, so we have gone on a search for something a little more exciting. From Quail's Praline Eggs to chocolate in the form of Tequila, check out our Top Picks for Easter.

Thomas's Café at Burberry

Easter doesn't get more luxurious than a lunch (dinner or breakfast) in the heart of fashion house Burberry's flagship store in London.

Lunch has never tasted so fine, and we weren't surprised when we were sat in the heart of the Burberry flagship store surrounded by luxury as far as the eye could see. Thomas's Café is perfectly decorated to fit the exquisite British theme that runs throughout the store (and brand). The soft grey walls, wicker chairs and perfectly ironed white tablecloths let you know that you are in for a treat from the off. Once you are seated, you are able to take in the interior whilst overlooking the monogramming section of the store (sure, go browse if you fancy) on one side and the busy goings-on of Regent Street on the other.

Thomas's Café Interior
PHOTO CREDIT: Thomas's Café

The Thomas's Café menu is created to impress, and that it did. With offerings of fresh oysters, secret smokehouse salmon and their impeccably cooked lobster - and more - there is plenty to choose from to make your Easter dining the best it has ever been. Pick between the seafood choices and the seasonal menu including soups, steaks and chicken dishes. If you're only after something light, the 'bites' section of their menu boasts the likes of Cumberland sausages, crab doughnuts and truffle crips for a refined selection of some great flavours.

This Easter, why not treat your family to some quality time over a traditional afternoon tea at Thomas's Café? With finger sandwiches, a selection of English cakes, your choice from Thomas's Café's very own Aga (scones, crumpets and teacakes), and their 2016 Lalani & Co 2nd Flush Grand Reserve Darjeeling tea. Presented just as beautifully as you would expect in the Burberry flagship, Thomas's Café presents the perfect opportunity to take the stresses of Easter and instead, sit back and indulge with some of the finest food that British cuisine has to offer.

Make your booking at Thomas's Café on the Burberry flagship website for the best Easter dining to date.

Thomas's Café, Burberry, Regent Street
PHOTO CREDIT: Thomas's Café

Coco Chocolatier

Coco Chocolatier has to be one of the most stylish chocolate destinations, with everything from the website to the packaging looking almost as good as the chocolate itself. This Easter, Coco Chocolatier's range includes some pretty impressive products, including the Golden Goose Eggs and the Quail's Praline Eggs which we have picked for our Easter Top Picks.

Looking almost too good to eat, the Coco Chocolatier Golden Goose Eggs come in a 60% dark chocolate or 40% milk chocolate option. With six eggs that come in a real egg box (nailing the authenticity), these Goose Eggs are finished with a golden glow that makes them the perfect centrepiece for every Easter table. The chocolate used for both the dark and milk eggs is smooth single origin Columbian chocolate, so you are guaranteed quality every time (no cracked eggs in this box).

The Quail's Praline Eggs will have you mistaken for actual eggs - they look too real to even be edible in the first place. These high-quality praline chocolates come in the decorated sugar shells making them another Top Pick for your Easter. They work as an Easter egg alternative or simply on display for your family or guests to help themselves to.

Check out the rest of the Coco Chocolatier's Easter range on their website now.

Coco Chocolatier Easter Treats
PHOTO CREDIT: Coco Chocolatier

Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila by 31 Dover

Who said that chocolate has to come in the form of an egg this Easter? It's 2018, and this year we are stepping up the game to bring chocolate in all of it's most enjoyable forms. Please tell us, what is possibly more enjoyable than a bottle of salted caramel tequila? We'll wait.

31 Dover supply every kind of alcohol imaginable, but even some bottles are as unpredictable as this magical find. The Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila has won us over, swiftly making its way into our Easter Top Picks. If you're bored of giving or receiving the same old chocolate Easter egg every year, this is the best new thing (for over 18s, obviously).

This Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila gives the exact sweet punch you'd expect from a drink like this. Upon tasting it, you get the sweet, warm and smooth notes of the salted caramel, followed by the sharp kick of the tequila. After the kick subsides, you're left with the caramel taste, so you're good to go again (and again, etc.). This is perfect to drink on its own, added to a cocktail such as a Bellini or even put into your favourite hot chocolate to give it an Easter twist. Why not even consider using the Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila as your secret ingredient in an Easter dessert?

To grab your bottle, head over to the 31 Dover website for this and many other indulgent alcohols.

Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila

Green & Black's

Green & Black's has never failed on the classics, and what better classic to go for than an organic chocolate Easter Egg this Easter?

We never find fault with Green & Black's - they deliver every single time. If you're looking for an egg to give to someone this Easter, why not gift them with one that is that little bit more luxury? The Green & Black's Easter eggs are made with organic chocolate, just like all of their other great products. Coming in two variations of dark and milk, the dark chocolate egg is 70% for the rich and smooth option, and the milk chocolate egg is made with 37% cocoa to pack it with flavour. The Green & Black's Easter eggs look great and taste even better, so opt for these if you're sticking to tradition. If the eggs alone are simply not enough for you, however, look into the Green & Black's Easter Hampers which are bound to last you right up until next Easter.

Shop the Green & Black's Easter range on their website now.

Green & Black's Easter egg Range
PHOTO CREDIT: Green & Black's

Slingsby Rhubarb Gin 

No bank holiday weekend should go without a strong Gin, which is why we have turned straight to Slingsby to celebrate one of our favourite gins to date.

Based in Harrogate, Slingsby projects its Yorkshire roots on to all of the products the brand creates, feeding the idea that a gin is good for the body, mind and soul, and we really can't argue with that. The Slingsby range features gins from London Dry Gin and Barrel Aged Gin to Navy Strength Gin and our all-time favourite, Rhubarb Gin. The Rhubarb Gin gives us everything we expected. The sweet notes of rhubarb are complemented by raspberry flavours which, unlike in a lot of other rhubarb gins, you can actually taste without the gin overpowering it. That doesn't mean to say you don't get a sharp and bitter twang of gin, because you do. The difference is that this gin is sweeter and smoother than you might be used to, and for us, this was only a good thing.

This Slingsby Rhubarb Gin was once only a limited edition, but the demand for it was so high (because it was so good) that they made it a permanent part of their Gin family - and for this, we are thankful.

Find your Slingby Rhubarb Gin and check out the rest of the range on their website.

Slingsby Rhubard Gin

Cutter & Squidge

Easter treats come in many shapes and sizes, but we can honestly, hand on heart say that we have never seen biscuits or Easter eggs so packed before.

Cutter & Squidge don't hold back on any of its products, so we were beyond excited when we realised an Easter range was on the cards. And how right we were - the excitement was justified once we received a box of the Easter Biskies and one of the Eggstravaganza Easter Eggs. Not liking to do anything by the books, Cutter & Squidge - a family run business based in London - has health in mind. The two sisters behind the brand aim to make all of their treats with that little bit less sugar and fat so that all the taste is there without as much of the bad (not that any of it is bad, in our opinions).

The Biskies are one of Cutter & Squidge's genius inventions. Two soft cookies are filled with a (reduced) buttercream and their homemade jams, caramels etc. making the best 'biscuit sandwich you - and we - have ever had. As for the Easter eggs, well, be prepared. There is a reason you only get half, and that's because half is plenty. With enough to last you the whole Easter holiday, the Cutter & Squidge Easter eggs come in three flavour variations of packed half eggs. It even comes with a spoon!

Make sure you order (yes, order) your Cutter & Squidge Easter treats now by heading over to their website.

Cutter & Squidge Bakery Easter Range
PHOTO CREDIT: Cutter & Squidge

Il Gusto Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

So we have covered chocolate and chocolate tequila, but have you ever heard of chocolate balsamic vinegar? Well, you have now.

We didn't quite believe it either, but Il Gusto really does create balsamic vinegar in all sorts of flavours, including its very own Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar. You may think this sounds a little odd and granted, it's not what we're used to, but it's actually pretty good. At first, you get the deep chocolate taste followed by the smooth of the balsamic vinegar, and this combination really does work. It won't be for everyone, but drizzled over a light salad or, as Il Gusto suggest, serving it with a venison steak, this chocolate vinegar is delicious.

If you have daring tastebuds and want to venture further into the fruit balsamic vinegar range, check out the raspberry, lemon and star fig flavours amongst many other wild creations. Il Gusto also creates infused olive oils, with the truffle and pistachio being our Top Picks for this Easter.

To make your Easter dinner that bit more exciting, check out the vinegar and oil ranges on the Il Gusto website now.

Il Gusto Flavoured Balsamic Vinegars

Mandira's Easter Eggs

In keeping with the tradition of giving eggs at Easter, Covent Garden based eatery, Mandira proudly present their Spring favourite; Turkish Eggs.

An excellent alternative to the more common candied variety usually consumed at this time of year, Mandira propose their Turkish Eggs (£4.50) for a healthier Easter treat. Protein-packed, this delectable dish combines the brands very own creamy, fresh strained yoghurt, with 2 Breckland Brown poached eggs and an exclusive chilli olive oil. Full of velvety goodness, and served with either a side of toasted Simit Dippers or a plain Simit Bagel this is an optimal Easter feast for any time of day.

Mandira also present their mouth-watering Dark Chocolate + Orange fresh yoghurt bowl (from £3.95). A popular dish that has been on the menu since opening, this flavourful ‘bowl of goodness’ marries 70% Dark Belgian chocolate with fresh orange segments, pistachios, fresh mint and honey, for a match made in heaven.

Boasting a menu of indulgent sweet and savoury dishes with Eastern Mediterranean influences, Mandira is devoted to maintaining the very highest quality with the finest ingredients and seasonal fare. Available in store now, Mandira will operate normal opening hours during Easter weekend.

mandira eggs
Mandira's Turkish Eggs are a perfect alternative to your regular Easter breakfast

On That Note

With our selection of Easter Top Picks, we bring you the best that chocolate and alcohol has to offer. Use this as alternative gifts to the usual boring eggs you give every other year or get hold of them to simply liven up your Easter this year.


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