Top Drinks Picks For The Party Season

Top Drinks Picks For The Party Season

We're back to that time of the year where the weather gets colder and so do the drinks: It’s party season! Whether you’re going to a festive event or party with friends or colleagues, we’ve rounded up our favourite seasonal drinks that you should take a bottle of to stand out this year.

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Johnnie Walker Whiskey

No party is complete without a bottle of booze. Going to a black-tie event? Look no further than Johnnie Walker Whiskey blue label which is one of our favourite choices this winter season. This delicious drink comes in a limited edition cask and bottle made by British Designer Tom Dixon for Milan Design Week - the most stylish drink you could possibly want.

The unrivalled masterpiece is an exquisite blend made from Scotland's rarest whiskies. The flavours are incredibly rich and velvety smooth. We recommend having this empowering drink served neat with an iced water on the side to experience the perfect serve. The display box is one of our favourite features that highlights Dixon’s astounding work, as it includes copper accents inspired by the copper pot stills used in whisky-making. Sounds neat, right?

Find your bottle over on The Whisky Exchange website


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Capsule Series By Tom Dixon
PHOTO CREDIT: The Whiskey Exchange


Rock Rose Gin

It’s time to renew your gin membership. Rock Rose has created a fresh and flavourful warm gin, bursting with berries! The Autumn addition gin has been distilled traditionally using botanicals, making it fresh whilst it still has that great taste us gin lovers crave. This Rock Rose gin is enriched with blackberries, raspberries and blueberries giving it a fruity twist. It’s already winter, but why let the seasons dictate your drinks choices!? If you’re a strict seasonal drinker, they do have a winter edition too, so make sure you check out their site below.

Rock Rose has made sure to perfect the flawless bottle and yet still maintain a hint of spice to the gin. We recommend pairing this with a quality tonic water to enhance and compliment the flavours. It is also completely versatile and can be played around with in different Martinis or if you’re feeling adventurous, keeping it neat. Rock Rose Gin have a variety of zesty flavours to choose from - don’t forget to check them out below.

Get your own bottle on the Dunnet Bay Distillers website.


Rock Rose Autumn Gin


Ramsbury Vodka

If St. George had a vodka, this would be it. Ramsbury Vodka is quintessentially English; every part of producing the vodka occurs on their Wiltshire estate making it one of UK’s only single estate English Vodkas. 

Being distilled, blended and bottled in the historic Wiltshire countryside, the vodka is packed with its signature flavour. With every element harvested from the estate, each bottle has an incredible result. We are left with a distinguished aesthetic that is silky smooth and subtle, with a distinctive aroma of vanilla and toasted cereal, not to mention the ancient aquifer used to locally source the wheat and water into an enigmatic and refined edition. We would recommend adding a hint of ice for a refreshing and clean mouthful. This is definitely worth the shot.

Try this vodka by getting your own bottle from the 31 Dover website.


Ramsbury Vodka
PHOTO CREDIT: Ramsbury Vodka


Royal Salute 21 Year Old Beach Polo Edition

Royal Salute has unveiled an all-new 21-year-old polo edition, designed to be indulged in the day and ideal for sporting occasions such as polo, obviously. The whisky is casked in a limited edition box signed by Malcolm, a Royal Salute ambassador of more than six years, and features his widely recognised red helmet.

The iconic new scotch whisky is inspired by the lingering bonfires, evocative salty winds and warm seaside air synonymous with the sport, the limited edition has been expertly crafted by Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop. The result is an outstanding new expression that features a tantalising smoky flavour with soft peaty tones, rich fruits and sweet honey. Find your own bottle on the Royal Salute website.


Pickerings Gin Gift Set

Are you stuck between gin choices? We know the feeling. Not to worry, because we’ve picked out Pickering’s gin gift set. The multi-award winning, spectacularly mixed gin is handcrafted at the Summerhall Distillery and is the first exclusive gin distillery to be established in Edinburgh for over 150 years.

This perplexing gift set also contains a coco chocolatier gin and tonic bar that has a truly remarkable flavour leaving you are your friends in awe. The organic and aromatic lemon and lime oils leave a subtle and refreshing taste through its glorious flavours. We suggest drinking it straight, but nothing says 'relaxed' more than a nice G&T to start off your night.

Want your own gin gift set? Find yours here.


Pickerings Gin Gift Set


Your Sommelier

The Your Sommelier expert box takes you on a journey to the French vineyards. Bordeaux vineyards owe a great part of their reputation to England as we source their delicate, delicious wines straight from France. Your Sommelier offers subscription boxes meaning there is bound to be a bottle out there for everyone!

Château du Relais de la Poste is a classic and well-made Bordeaux that has received many awards and medals for its great value. Adding a soft aroma of ripe red fruit and hints of mint perfect the palate to ensure that the taste is well-balanced and has a silky tannin and a decent finish.

Made with a large majority of merlot without ageing in oak, the chateau Lamartine is also an Idle favourite.  Chateau Lamartine is a light, fresh and fruity wine that would complement a succulent steak. The Château Du Bois Blanc also stood out as it brings wonderful mineral and fruity notes. All of this comes in the convenient form of a subscription box where you can get 3 bottles of fantastic wine delivered to your door every month - nothing to whine about there!

Grab your wine subscription on the Your Sommelier website.


Your Sommelier Box
PHOTO CREDIT: Your Sommelier


Langley’s No.8

Langley’s No.8 is a first-class gin with an English heritage. From a quest to create a prime balance of London dry gins to meet the demands of the modern day, Langlet's No.8 promises a smooth and timeless Gin which can and should, be enjoyed in good company.

This classic gin uses botanicals from hand-picked regions, including ingredients like the cassia bark and the angelica root. These create a rich fragrant pine flavour, with light violet notes which tickle the nose and offer a delicate sweetness. Lasting citrus notes and a lingering liquorice taste complement your taste palette for the ultimate Gin experience.

Find your own bottle on the Langleys Gin website.


Langleys Gin
PHOTO CREDIT: Langleys Gin


Balvenie 14-Year-Old Caribbean Cask

Nothing is more delicious than a fine bottle of aged whisky and thankfully, Master Of Malt have picked out the finest Balvenie Caribbean Cask to offer to their customers. Sometimes a whisky recommendation is better than searching for one yourself. The 14-year-old single malt whisky has been matured in traditional oak whisky casks which previously held Caribbean rum, packing it with a punch. The results are outstanding, creating a traditional smooth taste with a honey character. The Balvenie gives off notes of toffee and a hint of fruit which lingers on your palette.

Master Of Malt stocks an extensive range of alcoholic drinks and gifts, and as the name suggests, they have picked only the best to stock. This is a site which all drink lover needs to check out this Christmas.

Find the Caribbean cask on the Master Of Malt website.


Balvenie Caribbean Cask Whisky
PHOTO CREDIT: Master of Malt


British Cassis - White Heron

With 140 years of passion in every bottle, White Heron is back with its gloriously dark and rich nature. The White Heron story starts with a tiny current that grows in the fields of a Herefordshire farm. The succulent fruit is harvested under the summer sun and crafted into the very finest cassis. White Heron uses a technique similar to winemaking to perfectly capture the intensity of freshly picked British blackcurrants. Once it's naturally fermented with champagne yeast, they blend it with a little vodka to fortify and bring out the rich and fruit flavour. This blackcurrant liquor is the perfect aperitif served straight or over ice. It also beautifully complements fizzing champagne and/or prosecco, making it a perfect Christmas drink and liquor for this festive season.

Find your bottle of British Cassis on the White Heron website.


British Cassis Bottle


Whiskey Advent Calendar

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without an advent calendar, but have you ever considered switching up your usual chocolate advent for a solid 24 days of alcohol? This isn’t any old chocolate advent calendar, this one is for the adults!

Drinks by the Dram has bestowed the finest early Christmas present known to alcohol lovers, with each calendar containing 24 opportunities to taste everything from single grain to rare scotch worth up to £600 a bottle. Behind each window is a different 3cl wax-sealed dram of whisky giving you the chance to indulge in some of the world’s most exhilarating whiskies this festive season. We can’t wait to find out what great whiskies are behind each door! Probably best to not to open a window every morning, however tempting it may be - save it for the evening.

Get your hands on a whisky advent calendar on the Master of Malt website.


Drinks By The Dram Whisky Advent Calendar
PHOTO CREDIT: Master of Malt


On That Note

The party season is always an intriguing and eventful time for all of us; it's a chance to spend time with loved ones whilst creating memories. However, let’s face it, creating good Christmas memories always involves a bit of booze, which is why we’ve rounded up our festive drinks top picks to help you spice things up a little bit. Whether you’re having a quiet one in or getting pumped up, there’s a heavenly beverage out there for everyone.


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