Top Destinations Of 2020

Top Destinations Of 2020

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There's a whole world out there ready to be explored, so if at the end of February, you are sat at your desk wondering why everybody except from you already has holiday in the team calendar, we've put together our top destinations for 2020 to add to your travel list. 

Highlighting both unusual and unspoiled destinations, we encourage you to follow the path less-trodden. So whether you are looking for an exciting adventure, or the classic warm sun and idyllic on. 


Peacefully situated at the eastern side of the Himalayas, Bhutan is steeped in history, culture and magic. Visitors can trek paths through the mountains or head to the dance festival of Terrific Tsechus. Voted as the number one destination for 2020 by travel experts, Lonely Planet - Bhutan is known for its incredible monasteries which often play host to the dance festivals, where monks and laypeople perform sacred dance dramas in colourful costumes and painted masks. 

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Costa Rica

Beautiful beaches, relaxed travel and sustainable tourism - this Central American hot spot is home to a wonder of exciting and amazing opportunities. For those seeking a laid back experience, you'll be happy to discover that the local motto is 'Pura Vida' meaning, 'don't worry, it'll be alright' and the locals live by it. Don't expect buses to run on time or for everything to go according to plan, but do find comfort in knowing it'll be alright! Additionally over 99% off the beaches around Costa Rica are protected - meaning there is natural beauty and wildlife in abundance. 

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Located on the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia has been cropping up in travel destination guides in more recent years. Rough Guides placed Ethiopia at 2nd position in their top destinations for 2020. An archaeologists paradise, digs here have uncovered pieces of ancient history dating back up to 3 million years ago! Traditions run deep in this part of Africa, as it was the only country that maintained its independence during the 19th Century battle for Africa. Whilst many flock to Kenya for the African big five, Ethiopia offers animals sightings with far fewer tourists. 

Photo credit: Imagine Ethiopian Tours

Sri Lanka

Sri-Lanka boasts a rich culture and is lovingly known as 'the pearl of the Indian Ocean', offering the best of both worlds when it comes to beach life and cultural site visits. Make a splash diving with Blue Whales or head to the Yala National Park to trek amongst Leopards. The Golden Temple of Dambulla and Buddha caves are a World Heritage site, featuring beautiful cave paintings and enormous Buddha statues. Whatever you decided to do, be sure the scenic route and travel by train to soak it all up.Photo credit: Medium


Crowned Africa's first cultural capital in 2020 and home to the vibrant city of Marrakech, Morocco is an increasingly popular holiday destination. With its colourful markets, delicious cuisine and charming riads there is something for everyone to enjoy. Head to laid-back Essaouira if surfing and chilling is your thing, In Morocco you'll find not only beaches, but also mountains and desert to explore on foot or by camel.

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In the heart of Europe, Austria is brimming with thriving cities. The capital, Vienna, boasts low crime rates, cheap rent and clean air and has been named the best city for 'quality of life' by consulting film Mercer eight times in a row. A beautiful place to visit for those who are looking to visit Europe, each of Austria's cities offers up art, culture and music and with easily accessible public transport there's no reason you can't visit at least two cities on your trip. Even better, Austria is tightly wrapped by surrounding countries, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Germany meaning you can hop on a train and visit another county for the day! 

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Stunning beaches, delicious Caribbean food and thrilling water sports, the diverse island of Aruba has a lot to offer for such a small place. Perfect for those who enjoy some serious beach time, Aruba is also hot spot for water-sports, kite surfing and windsurfing are incredibly popular but learn to dive here and you can get up-close and personal with the marine life.

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