Top 5 Food Trucks at Beacons Festival

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Waking up to the smell of fermented beer, incubated tent sweat and tobacco is one way to heighten your senses at a festival. Once you get over that, try filling your stomaches up with our top 5 list of places to eat at Beacons. If there is one thing you can count on at a festival, it's the opportunity to taste the world.

Crepe Lucette

It's Thursday morning and you've survived the journey to Skipton, the first thing on your mind? Most likely, “Breakfast”. You'll be pleased to know there's a touch of Anglo-French located in the Yorkshire countryside ready to supply you with all your breakfast cravings. Delicious and downright nutritous, a crepe from Lucette will set you up for the day ahead.


Skipton Pie & Mash

It would be rude to travel all the way to the Dales and not eat some kind of pie, you just have to. Head down to the Skipton Pie and Mash truck to eat a good ole traditional northern pie and mash dish. The returning festival pie suppliers pride themselves on top quality food, freshly prepared. You can't get any more local than these North Yorkshire legends.

skipton pie & mash

Mama's Jerk Station

Friday, head down to Mama's jerk station and you won't regret it, the specialists and finest jerk slingers in London are heading North and bringing their Caribbean sunshine chicken with them to Skipton. The jerk station boasts veggie bean cakes, fried plantain and loads more. Our mouths are watering already...

Mamas Jerk Chicken

Margo and Rita

Let Margo and Rita cook you up some Mexican food for lunch on Saturday, served from their very own Rita the MexiVan, you won't miss their quirky travelling kitchen full of Mexicana and Charra girl character. Serving burritos, tacos and nachos sourced with the best ingredients from local & mexican suppliers. They do pizza's too, you know you Juan to.


Red's True BBQ

Last up, end the festival with a taste of America on Sunday. Red's BBQ promises no cremation of his smokey meat, only the best tasting ribs, sausage, breasts and burgers that have been cooked low 'n' slow, in true barbecue fashion. Each lovely meat is infused with Red's signature joy, it's said that angels weep with each glaze and rub. Sunday, Red summons you to feast like a king, let there be meat!


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