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In the midst of a World tour, we managed to catch up with Tom Odell. Check out our interview with one of Britain's most revered new artists.

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Since his debut album won the Brits critics' choice award back in 2013, he's been on a ridiculous journey to become one of the most well loved home grown talents making music today. And with a platinum selling album under his belt, he's following in the footsteps of British icons before him and embarked on a World Tour. It was the perfect opportunity to find out how his year's been so far, what he's up to right now and find out a little about his style. This is Tom Odell's Idle interview.

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It's been a busy year for you, any highlights?

This year has been my favourite of my career so far. I’d say making the Here I Am video with Kevin Spacey was my highlight.. Plus Glastonbury, that was such a memorable show.

Tell us about the World tour!

We’ve started! Im currently sat in a dressing room in Montreal. This city is so beautiful and the leaves on the trees this time of year are such a wonderful colour, so many shades of red and orange. I ran up a hill this morning and at the top I got talking to this old french couple about the city, they told me all the history of the place. Its so nice to have these little moments when travelling.

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You took trip to Calais earlier in the year, what can people do who want to help?

Visit Help Refugee’s website. They're a brilliant charity working right in the thick of it. Its such an important issue and what gets me is how both the British and French government seem to shirking off the responsibility on each other. Its a failure of bureaucracy of modern politics. These people are just human beings like you or I, and yet because they have no social security number they're treated like pests. It's ludicrous and shameful, it makes me angry just thinking about it.

We know you're a big Elton fan, what one track would you pick above all other?

I love ‘Someone Saved My Life Tonight’ off of Captain Fantastic. Such a vulnerable lyric, and I think it's very believable. But to be honest I love most Elton songs, the melodies are beautiful and Bernie Taupin’s words so rich with imagery, unlike no other.

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How would you describe your fashion style?

I’m not sure. Smart? I like to dress smart as it makes me feel like I have a real job...

Which one item of clothing could you not do without?

Socks, I like socks!


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