The minimalist home

The minimalist home

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Is it time to declutter and have a fresh start? Using the basic principles of Scandinavian design you can create a light and airy space with a minimalistic approach.

Combining beauty, simplicity, and functionality is at the heart of Scandinavian design. The modern and minimalist style places an emphasis on natural lighting, neutral colour palettes and natural textures. Experts in the art of creating decluttered and sleek spaces, we're taking some Scandinavian style notes.

Scandinavian design focuses on minimalistic and purposeful objects. So first thing's first; declutter! Naturally, as you begin to declutter, you will uncover lots of valuable space, which can ultimately be used more purposefully. It’s important when you’re decluttering to let go of everything you don’t need or anything which makes you say ‘I might need it’, as the likelihood is, if you haven’t already used it - you never will.

The aim of clearing out old and unused possessions is to re-expose all surfaces, especially natural sources of light, to create the perfect base for a Scandinavian-inspired home. By keeping windows clear of clutter, you immediately create an airy and light space with minimum effort. Aim to keep window decor simple with sheer curtains or wooden blinds.

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Storage will become your best friend in your newly refreshed home. Practical storage can be both multifunctional and stylish. Opt for coffee tables and ottomans with tops that open to reveal hidden storage or smart shelving solutions from Scandinavian design kings, Ikea. By making storage a feature in the home, you can begin to decorate with stylish necessities instead of unwanted clutter. Look to Flacon Enamelware for their distinctive minimal designs and durable finishes – too good to be kept behind cupboard doors.

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Once the basics are done, shift the focus to the furnishings in your home. By keeping walls and floors minimal, colours and textures can be layered to add interesting contrasts, resulting in the ultimate Scandinavian living space. Scandi furniture brand Skandium fuses comfort and minimalism through seasonal collections designed to modern nordic touches to your space.

House plants are a natural and easy way to decorate your living space. Adding plants to bookcases, windowsills and coffee tables will help liven up any pad. Especially if you live an urban area, then leafy greens will bring some much needed nature indoors. Not so green-fingered? Read our definitive guide of house plants for advice on caring for your new leafy friends.

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Laboratory Perfumes craft unique, gender-free fragrances, scientifically formulated to evolve over the day. Inspired by natural flowers, herbs and aromatic botanicals their candles will keep your new scani-inspired pad smelling fresh. 

Laboratory Perfumes, Gorse Candle

No artfully put together space could be complete without a smattering of coffee table magazines. There is an independent magazine out there for everyone, and whether you’re into fashion, music, art or science. Having a coffee table read ready to go is essential. They might even help to inspire your future décor ideas.

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