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Looking for decent veggie or vegan meal in central London can be a trial at the best of times. Recently, we've discovered the wondrous gem that is Tibits to remedy this problem - read on for more.

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The story starts with three Swiss brothers - Christian, Daniel and Reto Frei and their dream. Noticing a gap in the market when it came to tasty, convenient veggie meals served in a charming setting; they set out to create a delectable destination in the capital where veggies and vegans alike could gather and enjoy a wide range of dishes. Not just the typical 'veggie stir fry' that non meat-eaters are typically lamped with.

With this in mind. the Tibits restaurant opened it's doors in 2000.


Tibits Restaurant - Heddon St.

With over 40 homemade vegetarian and vegan dishes available on a daily basis, any veggie will attest to the fact that the selection offered at this herbivore oasis is not something you'll often come across in the city.

Now heres for the interesting part. Tibits doesn't work quite like your usual eatery - you pay by weight. So, in basic terms, you head over to the 'food boat' which offers a wide range of veggie and vegan dishes, fill up your plate with a little or as much as you desire - and eat!

Looking for seconds? Simple! - there's no need to call a waiter over, simply pop upto the platters on offer and weigh your food again, pay there and then or put it on a tab and pay when you're finished!


tibits menu
Sample Menu of Daily Dishes at Tibits | PHOTO CREDIT: Tibits

Our Verdict: Idle HQ had the chance to visit their London branch and, needless to say, we weren't disappointed. While it was a busy evening, the team were all incredibly courteous and the food was absolutely delicious. With countless options to choose from, and a seemingly endless conveyor belt of new dishes arriving on 'the boat' every few minutes - we were spoiled for choice.

As a credit to their hard work, in 2016 there are over eight Tibits restaurants spread across London and Switzerland standing testament to the idea they had over sixteen years ago. Looking for a fuss-free veggie meal in central London? Tibits is certainly a place you should consider.

Find out how to book a table via their website, or for updates check out their Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.




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