James Harknett At The W Hotel

2018 has seen men become more open with their grooming habits. Thanks to Jonathan Van Ness’ turn in Queer Eye, men are becoming aware that SPF isn’t just for when you’re sunbathing. That’s not all though – men’s grooming is the fastest growing industry within the fashion world.

Over at Idle HQ, we’ve been lucky enough to try out a few of these emerging male grooming trends. One of these has been to try ‘The Man Tan’. Now I know what you’re thinking – spray tans are just for those who go out in Essex? Wrong. Since the early noughties spray tans have come along away, with memories of Ross from Friends getting his spray tans now figments of the imagination.

We went to try out James Harknett’s ‘Man Tan’ before we went to a big event in London. Based at the W Hotel in the hubbub of Leicester Square, the spa on the top floor is secluded and private with James offering a friendly welcome. Part of the allure of James’ tans is the consultation that he provides before where he calls on his 20 years of experience within the industry to match your skin tone to a healthy shade.

James knows his stuff with rostra of clients including David Gandy, Oliver Cheshire and now us. “Nearly 50% of my clients are now men,” James tells us, with a rise that could be attributable to the tanned and buffed bodies we are seeing on Love Island.

The dangers of the sun stand in stark contrast to the pressures social media place on consumers to be looking their best at all times. The ‘perma-holiday’ celebrities like Louise Thompson show a deep tan year round, but interestingly enough almost all the celebrities are actually fake tanned.


James’ tanning session lasts less than 20 minutes with the tan being applied evenly across the whole body. For men this is particularly important because we often see our female counterparts walking around with streaky legs, arms, and hands – with social stigma still not quite there for the man tan, it’s important that your tan is done well.

We’d thoroughly recommend using James for any big event for that ‘just back from holiday look’ – but book ahead, he’s very good (and very popular!). Check out the link below:

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