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Get your copy of our FREE travel guide eBook now as we put our My City series into a handy eBook for you to use wherever you're off on your travels to.

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Time can go so quickly when you're on holiday, so the last thing you want to do is spend it searching through the internet for Ibiza’s best nightclub, Berlin’s best breakfast or New York’s best place for a spot of shopping.

Where to go for breakfast may end up taking you an hour to figure out and, before you know it, they’re serving lunch instead. But that is not so bad compared to being stuck in your hotel room at midnight, still trying to figure out where the best clubs are in Ibiza.

But what if you had a digital guide to turn to when you need an immediate response to that question in your head – where do I get a quiet drink in Florence?  Well, The Idle Man have created a comprehensive travel book of guided tours on the world’s biggest and popular cities to answer these common queries.

free city guide ebook

But we aren’t the ones giving the suggestions. We've spoken to a few fashion bloggers and some of the world’s best DJs and producers to bring you their favourite and recommended places to visit in their city. These jet-setting guys and girls are in the perfect position to let you in on the hidden gems whether you're looking for a party, some food or a quiet drink.

Even if you haven’t got anywhere booked at the moment, you can always look at where you might want to go and gain a bit of inspiration. They say people have a spirit animal, so there is no reason why you can’t have a spirit city – somewhere you feel homesick for, yet have never traveled to. Maybe looking through the eBook at places that you are curious about will result in the perfect trip and end up being your home away from home.

Whatever the reason may be, The Idle Man guide to travel is a great reference to have. It covers most of the top destinations in the world, while it’s quick to read and concise, so you can find what you’re looking for with ease. The fact that it is free isn’t a bonus; it’s our gift to you.

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