The Idle Man Equals Health

The Idle Man Equals Health

They say that abs are made in the kitchen. We here at Idle HQ go the gym quite a lot but have never had much success with ever looking any better. Drinking, eating out and bingeing at the weekend are things that blight every dieter. Awareness about the impact of diet on progress is growing though, although most would say they haven’t got the time or the skills to cook the healthy food required to make those gains.

Enter personalised meal deliveries. In times gone, the thought of ‘Meals On Wheels’ was seen as the bland dishes that old people would eat when they became too infirm to cook. No more. Meals on wheels are now gourmet meals tailored around your lifestyle to help you meet your goals. In this article, The Idle Man meets Equals Health; a new start-up at the forefront of tailored nutrition delivered.

Equals Health was set up in 2018 by Harrison Jones, an ex-Apprentice Candidate, to deliver gourmet nutritious meals to gym goers across the UK.  Equals Health starts with a macro calculator where you input your characteristics and goals in order to let them create an effective nutrition plan. For those not in the know, macros are short for ‘macronutrients’ which are protein, fats, and carbs. Knowing the exact amount you need in order to reach your goals allows a meal plan to be calculated which satisfies all requirements. This means gains can be made quickly and cleanly.

But why the sudden focus on nutrition rather than just eating ‘healthily’. As Harrison explained to me over Breakfast, eating healthy doesn’t really cut it anymore as our knowledge over food progresses. A whole range of healthy startups have emerged (Livia's Kitchen, Deliciously Ella) that claim to satiate hunger and be healthy. As our knowledge grows we're able to see that most of these healthy snacks are actually stuffed with bad sugar. Sure, it's not as bad as high fructose corn syrup, but it's still spiking your insulin levels with enough sugar to feed a family. Fruit is supposed to be eaten in moderation as a healthy snack, rather than a whole forest of fruit crushed down into a bar.

Harrison designed every meal working with Michelin star trained chef Vinnie Raulinatis to ensure that not only is every macro hit according to your goals, but that meals are not boring or dry. Ever seen one of those healthy meals languishing on the shelves in Tesco? “Tesco just doesn’t have the lead times that we have. By the time food hits their shelves it has been sat around 7 days and pumped with preservatives to give it a longer shelf life.” With Equals Health your food is cooked less than 12 hours before reaching your door. This means the quality of the food is fresher and tastier, with none of the nasties pumped into them to make them last longer. There's no sneaky high salt content and no overdose of flavours to mask poor quality ingredients

What this ultimately means is that your meals are fresh and tasty, and cooked to perfection (smaller batches mean more care can be taken with cooking). The meals are also gourmet with a more extensive group of flavours than competitors (and no sneaky mayo-calorie fuelled dips) including smoked tofu with truffle, Chalk Farm Trout and Steak.

Not to mention the ease and convenience of having pre-cooked meals delivered to your desk. The amount of food you receive will be sent according to your goals. During our trial, we were going for fat loss and lean muscle build up, so we had three meals to eat per day delivered with enough to last 3 days. Breakfast started with chocolate protein pancakes with peanut butter and a berry compote, with lunch consisting of surprisingly succulent chicken breast with vegetables before rounding off the day with rare seared fillet steak and sweet potatoes.

So what's the overall effect? Well, you'll have to come back soon. One of our writers is undertaking a 12-week transformation with boutique members gym BLOK and Equals Health. Keep your eyes peeled. You’ve been warned.

You can find out more about Equals Health here and start your transformation today.

And check them out on Instagram here

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