The History Of Columbia

The History Of Columbia

From a small town hat company to one of the first brands that you think of for outdoor gear. From the very start, Gert Boyle is known for her tough mother approach to creating a successful brand which today we know as Columbia.

When it was believed that all would be lost, the Boyle family fled Nazi Germany in 1938. Seeking hope in a new life in Portland, Oregon, they purchased a company naming it, Columbia Hat Company. Their new found freedom was the making of their family. After Gert Boyle's husband died, Gert became executive overnight. Determined to build the brand up under her ruling the family business became a global household name.

Achieving its no-nonsense apparel status from its high standards set out by Gert's, "it's perfect, now make it better" stamp of approval, there's no doubt that you can't trust that Columbia's gear will do it more than it needs to, and will constantly strive to do better next time. Stretching its wings, the outdoor clothing is bringing apparel to the high streets as well as the wilderness. Hillside or the city centre, in the great minds behind the design team, the outdoors is the outdoors, giving you many options wherever you might be adventuring off to.

Photograph of Gert Boyle (Photo credit: Columbia)

The brand has grown immensely since its humble beginnings, in January 2016 Columbia was unveiled as Manchester United's first Official Outdoor Apparel Partner. They designed and created the team's outdoor gear, including waterproof jackets and breathable raincoats. Having a variety of Brand Ambassadors ranging across hiking, running, fishing and watersports, Columbia had made a name for itself within the world of sport.

Using advanced fabrics and techniques the quality of their clothing is some of the best in the business, designed to keep you warm, dry, cool and protected no matter what. Ensuring the best for their customers, they have two dedicated Directors of Toughness. The lucky pair is jetted off to some of the harshest conditions to test the quality and effectiveness of Columbia's products to guarantee their job is complete.

Most recently the outdoor brand has gained more recognition with its casual line becoming more popular alongside the revival of old sports brands in 2018. The trend has led to the resurrection of brands such as Champion, Kappa, and Reebok. Now Columbia has joined the trend to a certain extent, their streetwear is still designed to be practical and not just a fashion statement which is great for those rainy days or cold winter evenings. Offering an array of styles for the hustle and bustle of city life, ranging from casual jackets, trousers and shoes, all designed for urban adventures.

One style which has become particularly popular with the sports luxe trend is the quarter zip pullover jacket. The ideal city jacket for every guy. Replicating their '90s style, the jacket is made to be comfortable and a casual choice for any grab-and-go day. The two-tone jacket is great for the dreary rainy days with its water-resistant technology, to keep you warm and dry. Appealing to the retro/vintage style which is sought after recently the oversized front pocket and logo on the hood is a tribute to the brand's original sportswear jacket.

Photo credit: The Idle Man

Columbia is all about the outdoors and nature, it's made up of real people who are passionate about the outdoors. The clothing is designed and appreciated to blend in with nature, a nod to mother nature their colour palette has always been predominantly neutral with olives, browns, and beiges. In their attempt of creating a casual line, they have introduced more colours and patterns to blend in with the vibrant city life. Their Columbia Black Line is an urban twist to the functions of their outdoor wear, creating attractive and stylish everyday wear. Continuing to keep up with the ever-changing trends, Columbia has managed to find the fine line between fashion and practical, something which many others have tried and failed at.

Photo credit: Columbia

Photo credit: Columbia

Photo credit: Columbia

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