The Do's and Don'ts on Your First Date

First dates are exciting but can also be tricky: you usually do not know the person too well and don’t always know what to expect. To help you avoid awkward situations and multiply chances of a couple other dates (and more), here are some essential dos and don’ts to keep in mind.


  • Be on time. Being late on a date can give a really bad first impression, especially if you do not know each other too well yet. If you have a real excuse for being late, let your date know asap. The same should be expected of her.
  • Dress up. 99% of the time, a girl will put some effort into her looks before a date and it is expecting you to do the same. This means looking clean and fresh. A guy once showed up on a date with a pretty big weekender bag… turns out he had changed from his suit to an outfit better suited to the bar we were going to. Effort doesn’t go unnoticed.

A date is not the moment to talk about your bad day at work or other issues

  • Choose the place wisely, if she didn’t mention any particular place she wanted to go to. Meet up somewhere nice, preferably where you can talk. Taking a girl to a new (to her), unusual spot shows you know your way around town.
  • Be nice and pleasant. Really. A date is not the moment to talk about your bad day at work or other issues. Take this time to enjoy yourself and forget about the rest.
  • Be honest and authentic. Dates are not business meetings or job interviews. While there are certain subjects you should avoid and it is recommended you let your best self shine, focus on having a good time like you would if you were meeting a friend.

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  • Talk only about yourself. While we have no doubt your life is fascinating, show your date some consideration and ask her about herself. Also, showing interest in another person is a great seduction technique.
  • Set out your expectations for the date too soon. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or a simple hook up, don’t immediately jump into the subject. Ask her instead. Conversely, don’t promise eternal love if you can’t deliver.
  • Give her the speech about all your past relationships, unless asked. But we usually don’t want to know. Guys who haven’t moved on from a previous relationship are easy to spot.

Guys who haven’t moved on from a previous relationship are easy to spot.

  • Suggest a first date at your place. It doesn’t send a good message, unless you happen to live in an actual palace. Wait a date or two.
  • Get too personal. Maybe you will find yourself having a great connection with your date and that is all I can wish for you, however, do not try getting inside her head. A guy psychoanalyzed me once, after 30 minutes of conversation. Any attempt to change the subject was further evidence to proving his point. Don’t get into that.
  • Be too suggestive about the sex you will potentially end up having. If the date is going on well and you have a shot at a second one, chances are you will have sex with that person at some point. The more you mention it, the less likely it’ll happen.

First Day

Good luck!

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