The 16 Best Drake Songs

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It's safe to say that Drake is one of the world's biggest artists. He has put out eight albums since 2008 and even was sitting on the Billboard top 100 for over eight years. The Canadian rapper has a huge repertoire of songs, both collaborative and solo, and we have decided to list our favourite tracks from the superstar over the years.

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Since 2008, Drake has rapidly become one of the world's biggest musicians (if not the biggest). He has put out album after album, collaborative project after collaborative project. Albums have included 2008's So Far Gone, 2010's Thank Me Later, 2011's Take Care, 2013's Nothing Was The Same, 2015's If You're Reading This It's Too Late, 2015's What A Time To Be Alive, 2016's Views and 2017's More Life. Over the years he has topped the Billboard top 100 for both singles and albums and has a total of three Grammy Awards from 27 nominations. In 2017, Drake surpassed Adele's record and won 13 Billboard Music Awards. Pitchfork ranked Nothing Was the Same as the 41st best album of the decade thus far (between 2010 and 2014) and have even placed him as the fifth biggest artist since 2010.

Below we have curated a list of our favourite tracks from the OVO hit maker, spanning his entire career. You may not agree with our choices, but you probably will agree that these are definitely up there with some of the best songs this side of 2008. Below is the best of Drake so far, with some of his most popular and classic songs thrown in for good measure.

Crew Love

Taken from Drake's 2011 album Take Care, 'Crew Love' is undoubtedly one of Drake's best songs to date. It was essentially released around the time that The Weeknd was rapidly gaining household status and he conveniently features on the track. The track was hugely popular and The Weeknd's voice, being like no others, really helped to carry it. Take Care has been heralded as Drake's best album for some time and 'Crew Love' sees the Canadian rapper question the path that he is on - although it's safe to say that his musings on the song didn't stop him in his tracks.

drake thank me later album
Thank Me later, 2010 

Too Much

Drake has pretty good taste when it comes to discovering new and upcoming artists (he was extremely instrumental in the rise of The Weeknd's profile) and on 'Too Much' he featured Sampha. Relatively unknown, Sampha had his track pulled by Drake and snippets of it were used on 'Too Much'. The outcome is a beautiful track which allows the two to really display their vocals for all they're worth.


Views wasn't given the best reception in 2011 and hasn't been lauded as one of Drake's best albums by fans (although it was Grammy nominated). Despite this, there were stand out tracks on the album and one of these was 'Controlla'. The Caribbean reggae vibe to the track made it stand out against the rest of the album which was actually pretty mundane - minus a stellar collaboration with Rihanna on 'Too Good', of course. The track is a proper summer tune - appropriate as the album came out at the beginning of summer in 2016.

Too Good

Rihanna and Drake have always been a bit of a dream pairing and quite frankly there aren't enough collaborations between the pair out there. On 2016's Views, the two superstars and ex-flings gave us a pretty sturdy track called 'Too Good'. The beat itself is catchy enough, but once you get Rihanna and Drake crooning 'I'm way too good to you, you take my love for granted', you won't stop singing along. A proper break up song.

drake take care album
Take Care, 2011

Make Me Proud

Like Rihanna, another female pairing that goes perfectly with Drake is Nicki Minaj. The pair have countless songs together, but in 2011 with the release of Take Care, Drake featured the songstress on one of their best songs to date. 'Make Me Proud' is the only track on a Drake album that officially features Minaj, but it spells out their relationship. The pair had been friends for years prior to this, seeing each other's success thrive and flourish and the song is essentially about this.

Worst Behaviour

Aformentioned, Pitchfork named Nothing Was The Same as one of the best albums of the decade. One of the standout songs on this album was 'Worst Behaviour'. It is a heavy track that is basically a f*ck you to anyone who has done wrong by you. Drake raps about how he had been wronged by so many on his rise to fame and that he quite literally will never forget it. One line he continuously raps is "Motherf*ckers never loved us, I'm on my worst behaviour".

drake nothing was the same album
Nothing Was The Same, 2013


You've probably gathered by now that a hell of a lot of Drake's best tracks come from his 2011 effort Take Care. 'Practice' is a simple track with a simple beat that just seems to work. It is basically Drake telling a girl that he wants to sleep with her. Simple enough.

Know Yourself

Know Yourself came from Drake's 2015 album If You're Reading This It's Too Late, which was essentially a post-break up album. 'Know Yourself' took the formula of 'Worst Behaviour' that had proved so popular and didn't see Drake hold back. The track begins slow, but the pace soon quickens and you start to feel the anger that Drake is feeling as he spits and raps out "running through the 6 with my woes, you know how that shit go". This is definitely one of the best Drake singles out there.

drake if youre reading this its took late album
If You're Reading This It's too Late, 2015

Marvin's Room

Again a song taken from Take Care', 'Marvin's Room' is one of Drake's most archetypal songs. As soon as Drake first reached people back in 2008, it was clear that this was a route that he was going to go down. While some people claim that he is an 'ego' and feels a little too sorry for himself, 'Marvin's Room' is a superb song of unrequited love, with the Canadian singing, "I'm just saying you could do better".

From Time

'From Time' also comes from Nothing Was The Same and was an introduction to Jhene Aiko, who has since become one of America's best singers. It is a slow downtempo RnB song that really does the trick. It was met with critical acclaim and has since become one of Drake's best collaborative songs.

One Dance

'One Dance' was potentially the song of 2016 and if not, then it was at least the song of the summer. Taking centre stage as the lead track on Drake's Views, it is the second track on the album that goes down the Reggae/Caribbean route. The song featured Nigerian star Wizkid and Kyla - a rising talent from the UK. From an album that received some of Drake's toughest criticism of his career thus far, this is definitely one of his best songs.

drake views album
Views, 2016

Up All Night

Sitting on Drake's second album Thank Me Later, 'Up All Night' features one his best and most famous lines to date. "Kush rolled, glass full, I prefer the better things" has become a motto of his since this song was released. Again, it features Nicki Minaj and was one of their best offerings. The song is basically a bigging up of Drake's crew, which of course includes Minaj, and he raps lines like "f*ck what they be talking about, their opinion doesn't count we the only thing that matters".

Take Care

This is Drake and Rihanna's best song to date and really spelled out the success of 2011's Take Care. Saying that, it is the incredible sampling of a Jamie xx track (it in turn, a remix of a Gil Scott-Heron song) that really makes this one of Drake's best songs. While Drake was more akin to break up songs and tracks dedicated to hurt, this celebrate finding complete trust and safety in a loved one, and it remains one of Drake’s most honest expressions of intimacy.

Buried Alive Interlude

A track that features Kendrick Lamar is always going to be pretty good and this is no exception. The only thing that is not good about 'Buried Alive Interlude' is the fact that it is so short. That said, if it was a few minutes longer, it would be Drake's best song without a doubt.

drake more life album
More Life, 2017

Hotline bling

'Hotline Bling' is Drake's highest charting song to date in Britain. While a few people accused Drake of copying someone else's work (it was claimed many times that he essentially copied D.R.A.M's popular single 'Cha Cha' to craft 'Hotline Bling'), the effect this song had on the music industry is undeniable. It has now become one of the most famous songs of all time.

Get It Together

Featuring UK's finest Jorja Smith, this is a stand out track from More Life and actually gave Smith the platform she needed for superstardom. The track is essentially one person to another saying 'get your shit together so we can be together'. It's simple, catchy and up there with Drake's best.


On That Note

Drake has had some seriously good songs over the years, but we've tried to whittle them down to just sixteen (this hasn't been easy and we're sure you won't agree with half of them or will cry out, "where's this track?!"). For us, these are Drake's greatest hits. Our favourite album has got to be Take Carewhich included some of the best songs of the decade thus far. What's next from Drake? Well whatever is coming, we're sure it'll be good.


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