Sunday Club Slow Times

Sunday Club Slow Times

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Sunday Club Slow Times is back again for the first Sunday of the month. Here at The Idle Man we understand the importance of doing nothing – Taking time to relax, recharge and thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of a completely idle day.

This Sunday Club Slow Times feature focuses on taking time to slow down and reconnect with our senses. Smell, touch, hearing, sight and taste; the five receptors of information that allow us to make sense of the world around us. The relentless stream of digital information that our senses are subjected to on a daily basis has been said to result in a kind of sensory overload and "numbing" effect. So in a bid to reverse and rewind this, we encourage you to use your Sunday to reconnect to your senses in a positive way.

Let's start with hearing and sound. Whilst we're the first to admit that the first hour of Sunday mornings is often spent clearing up after the night before. (Holding our breath as we pour leftover alcohol down the sink and softly placing glass bottles in the recycling in order to not worsen the headache.) We can at the very least make this hour sacred again by opening our minds with something as simple as listening to a new podcast. American comedian, Joe Rogan, tackles topics ranging from politics, to health and fitness and even mind-altering substances. Self-dubbed the “psychedelic adventurer” Rogan hosts a variety of guests, including documentary makers James Wilks and Chris Kresser who brought us the hit Netflix docufilm; The Game Changers. Rogan’s podcasts are insightful without being a challenge. Perfect for easy Sunday listening.

Allowing yourself to lose track of time is a rare privilege and you can't beat the feeling of knowing that you’ve got nowhere to be for a few hours. Ease yourself out of any stresses with a long soak in the tub and use the healing powers of water to reconnect to your sense of touch. L:A Bruket's hand and body wash is packed with an essential oil mix of Sage, Rosemary and Lavender that has a calming and relaxing effect as it moisturises and absorbs into your skin. 

With strong associations to the human memory, our sense of smell is arguably one of our most evocative senses. Powerful connections we make to certain smells are made and stored throughout our lifetimes. Use your sense of smell to awaken and invigorate the mind and cleanse thought patterns. Laboratory Perfumes Atlas Candle exudes deep and warming fragrances. It is inspired by North African notes of cinnamon, ginger and black pepper with a hint of spicy warmth along with the woody aroma of fine Cognac. 

Laboratory Perfumes, Atlas Candle (Left) Laboratory Perfumes, Samphire Candle (Right)

Keeping things simple is often the key to a perfect Sunday, instead of fighting for a seat at the newest arts café for brunch, why not stay in and invite a friend round for your own brunch special. Experiment with different flavours and add extra bonus points for not needing to worry about the bill, even less stress! You can be as cool as a cucumber in the kitchen making one pot wonders or baked eggs. Falcon Enamel has been designing kitchen sets since 1920. Fusing porcelain and heavy-gauge steel, Falcon has created cookware that’s chemical-resistant, burn resistant, is dishwasher safe and can be used on both gas and electric hobs, making it the ideal choice for the modern man – regardless of his cooking talent. Whether you’re brewing a pot of tea or whipping up a pie for Sunday lunch, Falcon Enamel will help you to indulge in your sense of taste.

Falcon Enamelware, Tea Pot, White ( Left) Falcon Enamelware, Pie Dishes, (White)

In search of a feast for the eyes? Head down to the Natural History Museum in London to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. Now celebrating its 55th year, experts choose from over 50,000 photography entries to select the winner. Visitors can expect to; “encounter the beauty and fragility of wildlife, see fascinating animal behaviour and get to know extraordinary species, exhibited on 100 stunning light box displays.” 

Reconnecting with your senses can truly help you appreciate what's around you. So take time this Sunday to tune in and unwind. Enjoy.

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