Summer Gift Guide

Summer Gift Guide

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Is it someone’s birthday, anniversary, summer party or just a thoughtful gesture? We are here to help you with the ideal summer gift guide for your friends, family and partners. From BBQ sets to personally tailored gifts we have thought of the top ten gifts we think everyone would love to receive.

Buying gifts for someone can be tricky, if they don’t tell you exactly what they want then it can be a risky process. Avoid clothing unless you know their exact sizes, this is the first tip, otherwise, you could run the risk of offending someone. Stick to things they can use or is sentimental so that the gift has value and a purpose rather than just buying someone chocolates and beer, although alcohol is always a good side present. The best gift is a subjective item depending on who you are purchasing for, so we are here to give you a little inspiration to help you find that gift for that person, no matter who they are or their interests.

23andMe Ancestry and Health Kit:

Here us out. This is a very personal gift for a friend or family member who might have a little mystery running through their veins or they might just love the geeky side to find out their health statistics. This summer you could help them find out who they truly are by gifting them the 23andMe kit, the set comes with a test tube which you then send off to their labs and analysed. What comes back is truly remarkable, giving you your genetic makeup including, where your DNA comes from, if you have any health predispositions and a wellness report. The data is fascinating especially for someone who might not know their biological makeup. Finally, the finally really fun part of the gift is it will tell you what traits you will carry have, from hair colour to what flavour ice cream you like.

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Phillips Outdoor Lighting:

Not only a grooming brand which has plenty of great gift ideas, but they also create beautiful outdoor lighting, perfect for the type of person who takes pride in their garden. Their Lily Spotlights are an elegant addition to any garden, controlled by your smartphone or tablet you can decide to have them in whatever colour you fancy. We mean literally, any colour, when controlling them with your phone you can slide the dot around any part of the colour wheel to choose. Pair the lights with the Hue Bridge and you can even turn your lights on/off with your voice.

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Google Home Max:

Designed for everyday use but works even better for parties, the Google Home Max is a great gift for a music and tech lover. Working with similar technology as the Amazon Alexa but the google version is bigger and better (subjective). With built-in smart sound, you can place the speaker anywhere around the house and it will automatically adjust the bass depending on its surroundings in order to deliver the highest quality of sound no matter what. The reason it could be argued that it’s better than ‘Alexa’ is that it is built with an aux-in point, Bluetooth and WiFi so you can connect to almost all of your media, including your turntable if you're into your records.

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The Idle Man:

Shoes are a great gift all year round. With more choices of footwear in the summer it’s the perfect time to gift someone a pair of shoes for their upcoming holiday. Boots, loafers, trainers, formal shoes and more, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair of shoes to gift for any occasion. Keeping up to trend you can explore through the new SS19 collection from high-end brands including Champion, Veja, Novesta and Fila.

Function of Beauty:

The ideal personal gift for the ladies. A nice idea that has a personal touch, Function of Beauty is tailored to the individual by creating the perfect hair products to suit them. You can design each aspect of the product from what you want it to do (i.e shine, volumize, oil-control etc), the scent and the colour. Gifting your girl-friend tailored hair products as a little side present would definitely win you some brownie points for the truly sentimental idea.

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The BBQ Shop:

For that person who crowns themselves King or Queen of the BBQ, The BBQ Shop has a great range of products to gift to your family or friends and let's face it it's also a gift to yourself as they will be happier to host a BBQ sooner which you can feast at. You could pick up some stainless steel utensils or pro-style gloves and aprons to make them feel like a true boss.

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The Whisky Shop

A fine bottle of whisky is a mature gift for someone. A good bottle of whisky can be the perfect present for the father-in-law to show you're serious and that you have a sophisticated side. The Whisky Shop offers a wide range of whisky's from all around the world and they even have ideal gift sets in every price range which include whisky taster packs, decanters, traditional whisky glasses and more. If you decide you'd like to try out a few different whiskies before buying you can visit them instore and taste before you buy. You can even try a few special ones straight from the barrel.

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