Subtle Embellishments to Accessorise Your Home

Subtle Embellishments to Accessorise Your Home

Ever wondered how to improve your home with a few simple tweaks? Then follow this simple and handy little guide for some stylish tips to improve any room or home with ease.

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They say it’s the little things that count and most homes are brimming with little things: candles, trinkets, books, clocks, etc, etc, etc. When added together these accessories create a uniform vibe, and when taken separately each one offers plenty of function and engagement all on its own.

The key to accessorising the home is finding small embellishments that are joyful, useful and still able to infuse the décor with genuine character and visual charm. Consider the following products when accessorising your home in style.

50 Fifty Gift Light Box

Enhance the welcoming vibes in any space with the 50 Fifty Gift Box, a miniature, battery-powered sign that comes with the full spectrum of numbers, letters and emoticons.

Crosley Keepsake Turntable

With its ability to crank out both a vintage aesthetic and vintage tunes in one fell swoop, this completely manageable turntable from Crosley will provide hours of endless entertainment while simultaneously breathing new life into its surroundings.


Conpot Beeswax Polished Green Granite

Handmade in London using Welsh green granite, this remarkable planter flaunts a beeswax polish and brilliant green speckles on its eye-catching surface, giving your houseplant an artisanal home of its own.

Native Union Lightning Night Cable

Sometimes your most straightforward accessories can still use an upgrade. Consider this tangle-free cable from Native Union, which is made from sturdy woven nylon and touts a truly hypnotic black and white pattern. Use it only on Apple Lightning connection products.

Malin & Goetz Dark Rum Candle

If you’re looking for a candle that’s as aromatically layered and complex as a premium top-shelf spirit, look no further than the Dark Rum Candle from Malin & Goetz. This ambrosial stunner opens with top notes of bergamot and plum before segueing into an inviting blend of rum and leather, with sweet and herbaceous scents of vanilla and patchouli running throughout.

MALIN and GOETZ Dark Rum Candle 260g
Malin & Goetz - LIfestyle

Sonic Editions Shell Garage

Nothing adds dimension or elevates an interior quite like some brilliant artwork hanging on the walls. These affordable, limited edition framed photos conjure up mysterious narratives by way of haunting, spectacular imagery.

SONIC EDITIONS Sonic Editions Shell Garage 50x40cm
Sonic Editions - Lifestyle

Duralex Marine Picardie Tumbler

Thanks to a modest tint of blue, Duralex lends their tempered glass tumbler some visual heft and distinction.

Duralex Marine Picardie Tumbler
Duralex - Lifestyle

Alessi Socrates Corkscrew

Designed by renowned visionary Jasper Morrison, the Socrates Corkscrew is the kind of accessory you whip out once at a dinner party and still hear your friends talk about months later. To call it unique would be an understatement.

Alessi Silver Lemon Juicer

Alessi delivers another visual masterpiece with this silver juicer, which again will give your friends and neighbours something to talk about for months. And while this exceptional product was designed by the one and only Phillipe Starck, we’re not entirely convinced he didn’t steal the blueprint from an advanced alien race.

Foffa Bikes Urban Bike

Bikes are more popular than ever, primarily for their functionality. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t lean this beautiful lightweight ride against the wall and have it lend the décor some subtle, but palpable charm.

Hay Large Gold Tray

This stainless steel tray hosts a brilliant gold sheen exuding impressive elegance that’s sure to draw eyeballs from across the room. The best part is that it might look like something you paid an arm and leg for, but it’s actually quite affordable.


Hay Delicate Carbon Steel Scissors

Made from plated carbon steel, these scissors from Hay are a prime, classy combination of form and function, again proving that even the simplest of objects can benefit from a little refinement.

HAY Delicate Carbon Steel Scissors Silver
Hay - Lifestyle

Hay Cap Bottle Opener

When you find yourself reaching for a bottle opener not because you have a bottle to open, but rather because you just like looking at the opener and rubbing your fingers over the anthracite finish, then you’ve got yourself one heck of a bottle opener!


Hay Analog Clock

The folks at Hay are masterminds when it comes to elevating everyday objects into veritable works of art, and their analog clock is no exception. Due to its pristine, concave design and the absence of borderlines, this white clock doesn’t so much hang on the wall as it does drift in the air like some magical device.

Alessi Wine and Champagne Bottle Stopper

Made of polished steel with a rubber inner section, this visually striking bottle stopper from Alessi is a big thing in a small package. The necessity of preserving alcohol has never looked so sophisticated!

On That Note

As the items listed above go to show, little things can amount to big differences. Even the smallest accessory can transform the environment around it if utilised

properly. Again, the key to accessorising the home is finding objects that exude visual distinction and functionality in equal measure, duly enhancing their surroundings but never forgetting their purposes as things meant to be used and enjoyed.

Scott Purcell is the Co-Founder of Man of Many -, a leading Australian online men’s lifestyle magazine which showcases the latest in products, culture, and style. You can follow them on their instagram @manofmanytastes.


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