Stay Fighting With: Gymbox

Stay Fighting With: Gymbox

With winter now upon us and the summer sun a distant memory, it's time you boosted your happy endorphins and hit the gym. No need to despair, though, we've got some tips from the only gym in Britain that knows how to put a smile on your face whilst your getting ripped, bulking up or improving your track record. Gymbox.

With such successful classes and some of the best Personal Trainers in the country, Gymbox have developed a strong reputation. Their whole ethos is built upon getting people to enjoy, not dread, going to the gym. They've also got plenty of classes and regimes that will have you bursting to the front of the bar with ease. Classes like Gymboxing, Fightklub and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are just a sampler of the classes Gymbox are rolling to get you punching above your weight.

So with no further ado, let's get you Fighting Fit With Gymbox.

Tip 1 - Work With a Partner: 

· Partner assisted squats

· Fireman carries

· Relay sprints


Tip 2 - Join Groups and Classes:

· Anything in a group, it's been proven that we learn better in small groups so reluctant people can gain encouragement from others. Try funner exercises like tug of war - it really improves your core strength and boosts your lower body endurance.

· Fun things! Anything that gets your heart rate into an uncomfortable zone whilst you're enjoying yourself. Classes like Animalism, Yoga Rave, Warrior Workout and Rave are a great way to get into exercise as the entertainment factor in these classes keep you motivated.


Tip 3 - Don't Just Jog to Improve Cardio:

·Metabolic circuits. Very basic but also tough on the cardio system. If you're a beginner you can start with body weight exercises then progress to resistance training as you improve.


Tips 4 - Vary your ab workouts to get better results

· Keep loaded spinal flexions to a minimum, this will reduce risk of spinal injuries.

· Concentrate on exercises which stop your body rotating through different planes, your core is there to stop rotational forces, so work it that way. Things like single arm farmers or waiter walks, pallof presses and wood choppers are great for this.

· Diet! If you want to see your abs, then reduce body fat through careful restriction of calories and you'll see your abs in no time!


Tip 5 - Adjust your workout to the time you have.

· If you can only get to the gym 2-3 times per week then you should do all over routines for best results.

· If you can make 4 times or more then work split routines for better muscular gains.

· Stick to big compound lifts on both your upper and lower body to get more growth. Isolated movements are great but compound movements give you more bang for your buck!


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