Small Changes To Your Diet That Will Make A Big Difference

Small Changes To Your Diet That Will Make A Big Difference

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You might already be eating the right foods but there are some ‘superfoods’ out there that when you add them into your diet often the can make a big difference to your health.

There is such a variety to our foods nowadays with supermarkets selling exotic fruit and vegetables from around the world, making it easier for us to pick and choose what we want to get out of them for our own benefits. However it doesn’t always come down to what we eat, we can also benefit from learning and focusing on how we eat. For example, you should always make sure for at least one meal a day you are severing yourself some greens (either leafy in a salad or something like seasoned asparagus on the side of your dish) and learning how to avoid unhealthy cravings.

Starting with how to eat as everyone thinks they’ve cracked this code from the age of one. There’s more to it than just shovelling food down without giving it a second thought. If you’re trying to diet or lose weight you’ll actually find that by refining your food intake and eating more regularly you’ll achieve better results. When you punish yourself are a party saying you can’t have a slice of cake or avoiding bread at a BBQ because of your diet you’ll only cause yourself to crave these later on. So allow yourself to have a treat in moderation because in the end, your diet needs to be a lifestyle change, not a short term plan.

The biggie, STOP SKIPPING BREAKFAST. This cannot be stressed enough, probably the only truth amongst many white lies as a child, breakfast is in fact the most important meal of your day. Your body needs a boost in the morning to kick it into gear to get your metabolism working, perk your energy levels up and ignite the creativity inside your brain. By skipping breakfast you’re only making your day harder for yourself causing you to be sluggish, making yourself starving by the time its lunch which you’ll end up eating more than you should to overcompensate and end up making yourself more prone to snacking throughout the rest of the day. You should always eat a healthy breakfast and aim to eat every three/four hours after that to keep your energy levels up.

These two starting tips will already change how you feel each day, but there is more you can do when it comes to what you are eating. Evolutionary speaking the aim of eating is to get as much out of a meal as you can, a benefit and luxury of today’s society is also enjoying the look and taste of our food too. So we have found out what foods you can easily add to each meal to give you that small change for a big difference.

Target Food

Berries –

Super good for you, berries such as fresh strawberries, blackberries and raspberries contain plenty of fibre which is great for your digestive system and will kick starts your morning. They also contain natural sugars to give you a healthy boost during the day.

Eggs –

Incredibly tasty and nutritious eggs are an all-rounded food that contains a bit of everything. Egg yolk contains two antioxidants called Lutein and Zeaxanthin which help to keep your eyes healthy, whilst the egg white has a great amount of protein in them. Egg white omelettes are in fact a lovely dish if you’re trying to lose weight and still eat right.

Spinach –

Any dark green leaves are packed with vitamins, in particular, spinach has vitamin A, C, E and K in it. It also contains fibre, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium, all these can help you lose weight, reduce risks of diabetes and keeping your brain young. Spinach is for sure up there within the  ‘superfoods’ category.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil –

Rich in mono-saturated fats, olive oil is great for fighting inflammation which can reduce your risks of chronic diseases in later life including being proved to help against your risks of heart disease. However, because olive oil is so popular for cooking you should always try and search for extra virgin olive oil, its health properties are much greater and purer, unlike regular olive oil.

Broccoli –

Another super green, broccoli is packed with vitamin A, C and K. Some studies have suggested that broccoli is able to thaw cancer by stimulating your bodies detoxing enzymes. Eating broccoli regularly can also regulate your blood sugar levels.

Oats –

The perfect way to start your day is with breakfast oats either with yoghurt or porridge. You can even create your own homemade energy bars out of them to keep you going throughout the day by mixing porridge and peanut butter together. Oats are a great way to make sure you are getting enough fibre which is one of the biggest things lost in peoples everyday diets.

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Sweet Potatoes –

The perfect and delicious alternative to regular potato, their goodness is converted into vitamin A to keep your bones and immune system strong and healthy.

Nuts –

Nuts are full of healthy poly-saturated fats and magnesium which are two important nutrients for maintaining a ticking heart. A handful of nuts a day will also help lower any inflammation in your body, a great natural alternative medicine to over the counter drugs for minor hiccups.

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Garlic –

Not only does garlic keep vampires away, but it is also very good at keeping the flu at bay too, it was even used during the war to help prevent infections and disinfect wounds. According to experts, two cloves of garlic a day will do wonders for your immune system.

Yoghurt –

We’ve all seen the adverts on the telly promoting yoghurts to help aid digestion, that’s because they contain probiotics which are good bacteria which your body loves and keeps your gut healthy. Yoghurts also contain vitamin B12, which is an important vitamin to consume as they help created and maintain red blood cells.

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We aren’t saying that you need to eat all these foods every day, but adding just one or two of these to your meals every day will make you feel better about yourself and may make a big difference.

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