Should Men Shave?

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Should men shave their body hair? Male grooming is one of those things where there are many speculations as to what guys ought to be taking care of. However, when it comes to male shaving, there are endless questions as to where a guy should or shouldn't be shaving. How do you know whether it's a good idea to shave a certain area of your body? Well, this guide is set up to help you out.

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Should Men Shave?

This is one of the biggest questions that males all over the world ask themselves. Should males shave? And if so, what should men shave, and how? When we're referring to 'shaving' here, we're not on about shaving your face - that's a pretty obvious subject approach. Instead, we are talking about shaving your body. What body parts should be shaved and what body parts should be left to grow wild and free?

Should Men Shave Their Legs or Arms?

Let's start with something fairly straight-forward. Should men shave their legs? As far as male body hair goes, we think men's leg hair is pretty fundamental. Shaving legs is a very feminine thing to do, and unless you're an athlete who needs as much aerodynamics as possible, the legs are always best-left natural. Generally, the same rule applies to arm hair. Men's hairy arms are another sign of masculinity, and even though you may think that by shaving them and having no body hair you might be accentuating your muscles, it's not always as easy as that (and that won't always work).

When body hair is shaved, it grows back. The problem with this, just like with your facial hair, is that it tends to grow back thicker and faster. This may be ok when it's on your face, but if it's your legs or arms it will grow back and look and feel rough. This is a lot of maintenance to keep up if you're not used to shaving your arms and legs or if you're not doing it for a real reason. In terms of shaving your arms/legs to make your muscles appear bigger, they can look big with your hair still intact (just work harder).

Should Men Shave Their Armpits?

Do men shave their armpits? Shaving your armpits really comes down to personal preference. If you have the tendency to sweat a lot and smell as a result of this, you should perhaps consider shaving your armpits. Basically, everybody sweats, but the odour that comes off it is caused by gathered bacteria. This bacteria is much more likely to grow and multiply in the damp of the armpit hair. If you shave your armpits, there is less chance any bacteria will be able to grow and therefore your deodorant will be much more effective.

Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as a matter of life and sweat. Many men wonder whether they should shave their armpits because of what the opposite (or same) sex think. Do girls like hairy guys? Do guys like hairy guys? We can't speak for everyone, so we think the safest way to tackle this if you are unsure is to leave them natural or trimmed. If your significant other tells you further down the line, then you can shave them. Remember, it's a lot quicker to shave than it is for the hair to grow back.

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Should Men Shave Their Chest?

Another big area of the shaving debate is the chest. Is chest hair attractive? Should you shave it? Much like that of shaving your legs, shaving chest hair is a preference kind of thing. If you're an athlete etc, this is probably a route you already go down. If not, you, just like many other men, are probably in split minds about taking to the razor. The biggest question on most men's minds when it comes to shaving their body is 'do women prefer shaved men?'. This question, we're afraid, cannot be answered. It is subjective, and different women (or men) will prefer different things. If you are stuck with this one and you're unsure whether to go shaved or hairy, again, we suggest you go for the trimmed look. 

Should Men Shave Their Backs

To put it bluntly (pardon the pun), yes. There is nothing wrong with back hair, but if you want to be a groomed gentleman, the back hair has to go. Granted, it's not the easiest part of a guy's body to shave, but it is possible and very worth it. The first step to having a smooth, hair-free back is to recruit a partner. This could be your other half or even a best friend. Obviously, your back isn't the easiest of places to get to, so it's handy to have someone who can help you with all of the bits you can't reach. Start by using a trimmer to cut down the length of the hairs. If the hairs are too long, they'll only get stuck in the blade of the men's razor you use, which will ultimately break it.

Once you have trimmed the hair down, jump in the shower. The heat and steam from the water will open up your skin follicles, making for a much smoother shave (this goes for all parts of your body) and you will be able to wash off all of the hair left over from the trimmer. Give yourself a wash with some shower gel and then go crazy on the shaving foam. Grab your razor and, making sure the blade in the razor is sharp and not blunt, go over your back from top to bottom slowly and gently. Once finished, rinse yourself off, get dry and moisturise.

How to Trim Body Hair

Trimming body hair can be a great solution for hairy men who aren't 100% on whether to go for the hairy look or the shaved men look. If you want to trim your body hair - otherwise known as 'manscaping' - simply use an electric trimmer and set it to the desired comb length. Make sure your chest is dry when you do this, and go for an even length all over. If you are unsure of what length to opt for, play it safe with either 4mm or 6mm. This is enough hair to be visible but not too much that you look a bit overgrown. When you're happy with this, hop in the shower to get rid of the excess hair and use a shower gel to freshen up. Finally, finish with a moisturiser to keep your skin feeling smooth and healthy.

how to shave your chest
How To Shave Your Chest


Should Men Shave Their Pubes?

Shaving your down-under can be tricky business, so decide whether it's something you want to commit to - you can't start this and go back. When it comes to shaving your area, we always think it's best to go for the trimmed look instead of full-on hair or no hair at all. Again, this is down to personal preference, so just go with what you want.

Are you wondering how to shave your balls? You're not the first. So many men wonder if they should even be doing this, let alone how to do it well. Well, shaving your balls is no different to shaving any other part of your body other than you have to be more careful and familiarise yourself with using a trimmer or razor around sensitive, curved areas (as opposed to a flat back). The best way to go around this is to make sure you pull your skin taut as you shave. This will also help you make sure you manage to grab every bit of hair. Follow the same trim, shower, wash, shaving foam and razor routine as with any other body part. The only step worth changing would be to use a perfume-free moisturiser so that you don't irritate any sensitive skin (ouch).

Going To A Salon

If you want a hair-free body but the thought of doing it yourself fills you with pain, you can simply go to a salon instead. At a salon, you can get anything done, from pulling out your nose hairs to a full on back, sack and crack treatment (it is what it says on the tin).

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Grooming products are essential when shaving your balls

On That Note

Not all men want to be covered in hair, but not all men have that choice. So, if you're a little on the hairy side and need to know how to either completely get rid of it or to trim it down, this article is for you. From knowing whether to shave your armpits to manscaping your balls, we have you covered for all the best tips and products to get the job done.


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