Self-Isolation Survival Guide

Self-Isolation Survival Guide

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COVID-19 Has us all unexpectedly spending way more time in our homes than we had planned for. So what the hell are we supposed to do you ask? We say, seize the moment! Yes, these are uncertain times but never has there been a better moment to hunker down and start something new.

We've compiled a list of no-brainers to get you started...

Spice up your sex life -

Name a better way to make use of all this extra free time. (We'll wait.) Our hectic lifestyles, long commutes and general daily grind can often eat into the time we'd like to spend getting intimate with our partners. Reclaim that time, stay in bed late, go to bed early or don't do it in the bed at all! 

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Refine your playlists - 

Become the distinguished master of your own music. Start a new playlist, refine those half finished ones and bin the ones you don't even press play on anymore. Now is the perfect time to hone your playlists to perfection so the next time you're asked to stick a playlist on at the party, you'll be more than ready.

Read that book - 

How about you crack on with that book you’ve been ignoring on your bedside table for the last 6 months? If the news is bringing you down, switch off the T.V and transport yourself into a new, literary world. Check out Esquire's 30 books every man should read before 30 (link below).

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Get into Podcasts -

Ranging from the wildly niche to the highly informative, we admit that finding the right podcast can be a bit of a minefield. Checkout Wired's 33 best podcasts in tech, culture, politics and more here

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Call your family - 

Call them all. Call everyone. Especially your grandparents. Get back in touch with your annoying siblings, ask them how they are. Ask them how they really are. Connection is what makes us human. We are privileged to have more ways to connect than ever before. Take advantage of it, we guarantee it will make  you feel good.

Get into plants -

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or a balcony-garden then there really is no better time to get it looking good for the summer. When you've reached peak cabin fever in the house, step outside and take a deep inhale and give Monty Don a run for his money. Gardening is highly therapeutic and has been scientifically proven to improve overall mental health. We're not saying you've got be out there trimming your hedges into swan shapes, but potting up a mini herb garden is an great way to make use of free time. This can also be done indoors for those without  gardens. Check out #balconygarden on Instagram for ideas.

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Get fit -

And we mean really fit! Gym instructors, yoga teachers and personal trainers the world over are going online and offering free, live classes via their digital channels to help keep us all moving whilst in isolation. Challenge yourself to take part three a classes week  and we guarantee you'll see the difference in both mood and physique.

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Stay well, stay informed and take a look at our ‘foods to boost your immune system’ guide to compliment your new workout. 


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