São Paulo City Guide with DJ & Producer Renato Ratier

São Paulo City Guide with DJ & Producer Renato Ratier

This week’s My City comes all the way from Brazil, and the city of São Paulo. Our tour guide for this week’s edition is international DJ Renato Ratier, a man who has had a major influence in putting his country on the map of the global electronic music scene.

Renato is the founder, owner and resident DJ of legendary Brazilian club D-Edge, which is celebrating its 15th birthday this year with a 6 month series of events. With the excitement building over this milestone, it’s the ideal time to delve into the city that made Renato, São Paulo.

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Where's the best place to go on a first date?

Besides having a public life, I guess if I had to choose the best place to have a proper first date would be at home, where you can feel comfortable.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Where do you go to clear your head or grab some inspiration?

In general it would be a quiet place, a forest or a mountain. In São Paulo I would choose “Parque da Água Branca”, a park very close to my place where I go to clear my head, jog, see some animals, birds, trees and water.

image Credit: http://www.organicsnet.com.br/
Photo Credit: Organics Net

Best spot to grab some breakfast?

Frutaria São Paulo. I usually have breakfast at home but if I feel like getting out in the morning to grab something to eat, I go to Frutaria to have a bowl of açaí.

image Credit: http://br.jetss.com/
Photo Credit: br.jeets

Best venue for more than a few drinks?

Bossa! The new restaurant I opened this January here in São Paulo offers the best drinks in São Paulo, prepared by the mixologist Ricardo Basseto.

Photo Credit: Blumpa

Where do you head for a more civilised drink?

Baretto, a bar part of Fasano Hotel, named #1 bar of the World by Wallpaper.

image Credit: http://www.lucibellotravel.com/
Photo Credit: Lucibello Travel

Top spot for a coffee?

Bossa again. I don’t spend too much time in São Paulo, so I thought about a restaurant and bar that could be a meeting point for artists to create new experiences, in a social and musical laboratory. A sophisticated yet modest atmosphere, a cozy space that you can find fresh and quality food whenever you want.

image Credit: http://megalopolisnow.com/
Photo Credit: Megalopoli Snow

Earliest memory of São Paulo?

When I was very young, with my grandfather at his apartment in “Jardins” neighbourhood.

Image Credit: en.wikipedia.org
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

First place you visit when you get home from touring?

D-EDGE, the centre point of all my businesses.

Image Credit: http://www.d-edge.com.br/
Photo Credit: D-Edge

Favourite spots to shop?

I like to shop for clothes and furniture, so I always visit my own clothing line and home décor brand, Ratier, to talk about design, product development and to dress myself. Other stores that I like very much are “Século XX – Passado Composto” and “TEO”, both furniture / home décor stores.

Image Credit: http://arteluxo.com.br/
Photo Credit: Arte Luxo

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